Top 10 Best Table Tennis Rackets of 2016 Reviews

These table tennis rackets are the classic solid bat variety. These are models that have an outward facing short pips (pimples) rubber paddle on plywood with NO sponge. The good thing is that you will hear the ball coming, and even when you hit it. Hard bat table tennis is the primary ping pong game, and it’s making a comeback into the fields. Nobody wins because their paddle confused the opponent. With our paddles, the opponent will feel the shock as the energy will be transferred directly to his hand. When a player shatters a good slam, it is through the force of his/her swing, and nothing else. If you like playing ping pong, these best table tennis paddles are just what you’re looking for.

Top 10 Best Table Tennis Rackets

Also known as ping pong racquets, take a look at this great selection.

10. STIGA Classic

1. STIGA Classic

These rackets are best for beginners that want to challenge their friends to a competitive game of table tennis. These sets will give you classic performance in all your games. Hardbart rackets and 1-star regulation size balls. These paddles are approved and rated as the best ping pong paddle for starter players who might also want to develop their career.

9. PowerthonTM Ping Pong Paddles

9. PowerthonTM Ping Pong Paddles

There is no racket out there that can guarantee you fun times other than this one and its three celluloid white ping pong balls. These are great paddles that will remind you of the first time you played ping pong. These are not professional ping pong paddles, but they are sturdy and fun to play with.

8. Killerspin JET800

10. Killerspin JET800, Top 10 Best Table Tennis Rackets of 2016 Reviews

This is the ultimate professional grade paddle that has exceptional power. It has been engineered with seven carefully chosen, complimentary wood layers that make it one of the most balanced table tennis rackets in the world. What differentiates it is the two carbon layers that are built into the blade that reduce the weight.

7. Palio Expert 2

8. Palio Expert 2

These are paddles that have been made through an exclusive collaboration between Palio and Expert Table Tennis. This means that this product is even tougher other the two. Its rubbers remain unchanged to offer you that great spin, but the 2-blaes have been redesigned to give you better control and feeling.

6. Vigilante Collision Table Tennis Paddle

7. Vigilante Collision Table Tennis Paddle

This is a paddle that is built for players that have a play at a torrid pace. It slows the game to a speed that you want hence being the paddle that you need for any situation. It provides spin and power for your servers and offensive opening and delivers the control that is needed. Don’t miss it out.

5. Killerspin JET700

6. Killerspin JET700

The 7-ply wood blade that is used in this paddle will provide the ultimate power and control for intermediate to advanced players. It has a larger sweet spot for powerful shots even on off-center grounds. Use this pad on your games and your opponents have to sweat enough to beat you because you will be using the best ping pong paddle in the world.

4. EastPoint EPS

5. EastPoint EPS

It features tacky pips in rubbers thus producing a high spin. The sponge backing in it is there to allow for harder striking and increased control. Just purchase it and you will realize that it is an excellent paddle, and the amount of power is larger and efficient.

3. STIGA Evolution

4. STIGA Evolution

This is a blade that has been made with a crystal technology that will harden the surface of the blade hence increasing its speed. Its rubber is approved by the international table tennis federation hence the perfect one for use. The shock dispersion tube has been put there to enable it absorb shocks and transfer energy out of the handle.

2. Killerspin JETSET Racket

3. Killerspin JETSET Racket

This comes with a 4-premium-table-tennis-paddle sets with six table tennis balls. It has an inverted rubber surface for superior control and spin. These paddles have been built to bring youth and innovation to one of the world’s most beautiful sports, but on top of that, designed to serve the table tennis player to his/her comfortability.

1. STIGA Pro Carbon

2. STIGA Pro Carbon

The carbon tech that has been used has given out two layers of high-performance blades that improve rigidity and response while playing. This will automatically mean that you will have high speed and power while you are playing. The stronger and tighter bonds in the rubber increase speed and spin thus making it the best ping pong paddle for spin. Buy it and move faster than your opponent in the field.

These are rackets that can take you places and enable you to win all your matches. Most players who are out there winning matches are users of these best rackets, and that is why they win all their games. We have rackets that can be used by all genres of people, from starters to professionals. Join this group and be a winner, but first make sure you have one of these rackets.