Top 10 Tips When Backpacking

Holiday is what people are looking for after they have spent their daily lives in the stressful works or studies. When their holiday finally arrives, people may think of having a trip to somewhere either local or international in the hope of having a wonderful time there. Some people may go on tour to a beautiful city, some may visit historical architectures, some may go to the beach, and the other some may think of go hiking. Wherever you choose to go, backpacking is always an important thing you need to think of before departing. Well, this article will bring you 10 tips when you want to backpack around somewhere.

Top 10 Tips When Backpacking

Top 10 Tips When Backpacking

1.Backpack important materials

Backpacking is an adventure, especially when you go hiking. That’s why backpacking some necessary things is must. If you are going camping, make sure you bring insect repellent, medicine, first aid kits, flash light, tent, enough food and drink and more. But if you are backpacking abroad in the city, map is a must-have! Make sure you know all the vital materials you will need during your trip.

2.Make a list

Some people already know what they are going to backpack, but they usually forget this or that when they are on their holiday. Their forgetfulness sometimes causes an unjoyful holiday or even causes problems. Therefore, to avoid from this sadness, you should make a list of things you will need on your holiday. Write down those things on a blank paper. Then put all of those things orderly in your backpack. Make sure you check them again before departing.

3.Plan ahead

I believe that people always plan for their trip before they go. Actually, this is very important! You must know exactly where you will go, what you will do, where you will stay and what you will eat. Search about those things in order to understand well before going. Make a clear plan to prevent any incidents!

4.Learn some key words

Language is necessary since you have to use it to communicate or ask the local people. For example, you plan to backpack around China, make sure you know some of their key words or phrase such as  Nǐ hǎo (Hello), Xièxiè (Thank you), or else. You may need to ask them for help like direction. That’d be OK if you can speak English well and you backpack around English-speaking countries.

5.Take travel insurance

We cannot know what will happen to us when we are on a carefree backpacking adventure. One way to travel safely is to take travel insurance. Some travel insurance for backpackers may include medical evacuation, cancellations, lost passports, lost baggage, and your personal possession.

6.Keep in touch

Even though you are backpacking in a city, at the beach, on the mountain or wherever, do not forget to keep in touch with your family or other people in order to stay safe. Backpacking is adventurous, so let your surrounding people know where you go or how long you will stay there so that they may be able to help you when you face some problems. This can also decrease your family’s worry.

7.Do not show off your valuable property

Remember that there is no 100% security in this entire world. Wherever you go, especially crowded city, you should not wear golden or diamond jewelry, dangle your $1,000 camera around your neck or put $5,000 in your wallet. Those worthy possession can be stolen or robbed. To prevent from any unpredictable danger, do not bring any expensive things. You can also place your money in different places.

8.Use your common sense

That’s important! Always control whatever happens to you. You may be surprised by their culture shocks; however, calm down and take thing easy. Do not drink till you get drunk. Do not accept the lift off from strangers. Always be alert to your surroundings. Do not always believe or trust on others since some of them can harm you as a backpacker. Use your common sense to think properly.

9. Spend frugally

This will be useful if you as backpacker have limited-budget. Some people can overcharge you when you buy food since you who look like tourist are new there. Thus, bring your own snack. If you don’t want to backpack your food, you can also taste delicious, cheap food along the street. Besides, to save money, you should walk rather take a cab.

10. See while backpacking

Don’t just travel for fun but do something useful. While you are backpacking around there, take this opportunity to learn their cultures. Notice the way they live, what they eat, how they dress up or else. Learn about their places, their rules or their geography to expand your general knowledge. Plus, use this chance to build a good friendship with the local people.

In conclusion, all the tips above are generally for backpackers, mainly focus on backpacking around popular city. Some of them are also for backpacking around the mountain. Hopefully, you will find these tips useful for your next backpacking. Enjoy your day!