Top 10 The Richest Football Clubs in 2015

Due to Deloitte list, we can figure out which football club is the richest one in 2015 by seeing its revenue from the 2013-2014 season. Almost a decade, we see that Real Madrid still ranks as the top one in the top 10 list of the richest football clubs. So will Real Madrid be the top one again for this year 2015? If you want to find out, check our below list of top 10 the richest football clubs in 2015.

10. Juventus


Juventus is the third oldest Italian football club, and it brings a lot of achievements to its home country, for instance, this football club has obtained 56 official titles on both national and international stage, 3 records of UEFA Cups and the like. Currently, Juventus has won a lot of trophies which lead this football club receive rank number four in Europe and number eight in the world. Also, it is the last richest football club in 2015 top 10 list with the total revenue of £233.6 million.

9. Liverpool


Founded in 1892, Liverpool is a Liverpool-based and a Premier League football club. It is recognized as the most famous football club among English football team as it has won many European trophies such as 5 European Cups, 3 UEFA Cups and 2 UEFA Super Cups. At the present time, Liverpool ranks ninth in top 10 the richest football club, for it is with £255.8 million revenue.

8. Arsenal


The Premier League, the Arsenal football club, owns £300.5 million revenue which brings this football club to be one of the richest football clubs in 2015. This football club is grounded in Holloway, London and was founded in 1886. The professional players in Arsenal have made a huge success to their club, for they have won 13 First Division and Premier League title.

7. Chelsea


Chelsea, a professional football club which is located in Fulham, London, was created in 1905. Playing in Premier League the highest level of English football, Chelsea has made many success over the competition with other football clubs worldwide. Some of its valuable champions are UEFA Cups, UEFA Super Cups, UEFA Europa League and UEFA Champion League. Last year, it was ranked number six as the most valuable football club in the world with £560 million by Forbes, and this year, it is ranked number seven as the richest football club in the world with overall revenue of £324.4 million.

6. Man City

6.Man City

The full name of Man City is Manchester City football club which was founded in Manchester, England in 1880. This football club won league title for 44 years since it already established. In 2013-2014 season, Man city won another League Cup and received a Premier League title for second rank. Now, it is the sixth richest football club in the world which has revenue of £346.5 million.

5. Paris S-G

5.Paris S-G

Paris S-G is a abbreviate word from Paris Saint-German or we can call it as PSG. It was grounded in Paris, French and was established in 1970. This professional football club is one of the most successful football clubs in France and also wins a major European club competition. Paris S-G owns £396.5 million revenue, which causes it to be one of the richest football club in 2015.

4. Barcelona


Barcelona is the second Spanish most popular football club; it was founded in 1899. It has had a rivalry with Real Madrid for ages, and it has ranked on international stage for one of the most scorers as it won numerous champions. It won 14 trophies within four years. Recently, it is listed as the fourth richest football club with revenue of £405.2 million.

3. Bayern Munich

3.Bayern Munich

Along with its revenue of £407.7 million, Bayern Munich is the third richest football club in the world in 2015. So far, it has won three European Cups, one UEFA Cups, one European Winner’s Cup, one FIFA club world cup and two intercontinental cups. It was established in 1900 in Germany.

2. Manchester United

2.Manchester United

Situated in Old Trafford, Greater Manchester, England, Manchester United is a professional football club founded in 1878. The best football club in England won twenty titles including three European Cups, one UEFA Club World Cup and the UEFA Champions League. Manchester United is the second-richest football club in 2015 based on its revenue is £433.2 million.

1. Real Madrid

Real Madrid

Real Madrid is known as the richest football club in this last decade, and in this year 2015, Real Madrid has overall revenue of £459.5 million. Real Madrid is a football club that is original from Spain. Since its establishment in 1902, Real Madrid has won countless matches including UEFA Cups, UEFA Super Cups and FIFA Club World Cup.