Top 10 most expensive zip code in the world

Zip code is just a series of numbers generated by United States Postal Service (USPS), and zip stands for Zone Improvement Plan. As United States is a vast country along with plenty of states and dozens of cities; therefore, the design of zip code is to make mailing service more convenient and efficient.  Normally, zip code is designed of five decimal numerical digits, and the price of each zip code is totally different due to its location. Meanwhile, the top ten most expensive zip codes are listed in order.

  1. 10065, New York, New York: 10065, a new zip code, was recorded to be the top zip code in Forbes’s newest list of Americas’ most expensive zip codes. The 10065 zip code covers the area of Manhattan’s Upper East Side, from 60th to 69th streets and from Central Park to the East River. The areas of 10065 zip code are mostly stayed of wealthy brokers such as Rupert Murdoch, Ronald Perelman, David Rockefeller, and Robert Bass and the like, Forbes clarified. It costs $6534430 in the median home price and increases nearly 385 percent in the median home price. 10065 zip code was cited in Day On Market (DOM) as an average is 449 days including 80 inventories.
  2. 07620, Alpine, New Jersey: 07620 zip code used to the top zip code in the list and it have repeatedly been in the list for three years. With admiration and valuable, most people evaluate 07620 zip code as the prestigious zip code thanks to its privacy of low tax charging among the most expensive zip codes. The median home price in Alpine is $5745038 with a median price change of 26.3 percentage. It has been available on DOM for 207 days as an average along with inventory of 35 listed.
  3. 94027, Atherton, California: 94027 zip code is located in the heart of Silicon Valley where is the greatest place of technology firms base. Atherton city is about 45 minutes south of San Francisco, and there are plenty of millionaires such Paul Allen, Eric Schmidt, Meg Whitman, Charles Schwab accompany with around 7000 residents live in this peaceful town in Silicon Valley. According Forbes data of America’s most expensive zip code, 94027 saw $4897864 home price and increases 14 percent of median price change. It stands 103 day on DOM with 41 inventories.
  4. 11962, Sagaponack, New York: New York, the vast city in geography in Americas, lies a beautiful and quiet town of Southampton include of village of Sagaponack. The median price for home fetches $4180385 with 16.3 percent changing. 11962 zip code is set an average of 333 days on DOM and 84 inventories.
  5. 94010, Hillsborough, California: 94010 zip code is situated in West California and part of San Mateo country, and that you can find  a prestigious Hillsborough community where the median home price is set of  $4127250and 18 percent of price changing. It traffics on market as an average of 172 days and inventory of 124 listed. Hillsborough is settled around 40000 residents.
  6. 10014, West Village, New York: 10014 zip code attracts many celebrities living there such as Julianne Moore, Sarah, Jessica Parker…. With comfortable environment and luxury lifestyle, home at 10014 zip code fetches $4116506 median price and increase 129.3 percentage. 10014 is situated on DOM for 328 days as an average and 84 inventories.
  7. 94022, Los Altos Hills, California: 94022 zip code is situated in West California, part of Santa Clare country and in Silicon Valley. And it is one of the places where many people as well as other richer prefer to live. The median home price is $4016050 and 43.6 percent changing. 94022 zip code is available on DOM for 154 days and 88 inventories.
  8. 10021, New York, New York: 10021 is very popular area to live as there are about 50000 Manhattanizes, including Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, David Rockefeller, Rupert Murdoch, Ronal Perelman, Spike Lee, Tom Wolfe and Gay Tales who all are the residents at 10021 zip code. The 10021 zip code covers from the north side of East 69th street to the south side of East 76th street. Median price asking for home in this area is $3980829 with 149.3 percent changing. It traffics on market for 394 days with inventory of 162 placed.
  9. 90274, Rolling Hills, California: It is quite secluded from other areas with green nature surrounding in this area, and it is part of Los Angeles country. The median asking price for home as an average is $3972500 with 76.6 percent increasing. 90274 zip code stands on market for 124 days and inventory of 61.
  10. 10075, New York, New York: 10075 zip code covers from East 76th street to East 80th street in New York City, and it is closed to 10021 zip code. Its population is about 26000. Also, median price for home in this area is $3885409 and 154.8 percent changing. It cites on DOM for 470 days and 47 inventories.