Top 10 Hottest Female Kpop Idols for 2016 & 2015

Kpop female groups and Kpop male group have gained global notoriety because of the multifaceted talents displayed by the singers in so many successful ways. However, the list for 2016 to identify hottest Kpop female idols will take you by surprise with some of the really cute lovable faces unveiled to the fore for you. These ladies make the fans crazy not only with their music, dance moves, and also talent but additionally because they raise the temperature on stage to “hot” with their pure sexy elegance.

Top 10 Hottest Female Kpop Idols for 2016

10. Park Jimin – Hot Female Kpop Idol

Park Jimin

Park Jimin

Park Jimin or also known as Jamie Park, was KPOP Star Season 1 winner in 2012. Her talent in singing and rapping (yes, rapping!) was truly impeccable. No doubt she won! After winning the competition, Jimin chose to sign under JYP Entertainment. Since then, she’s received various projects, of course, making her own album and participation in dramas. Her first album was released last year named as 15&.
Park Jimin doesn’t only have a sweet voice but also a generous heart. With her earnings, she donated $45,000 to Hanbit Performing Arts Company for blind musicians and another $45,000 (50 million won) to World Vision. Such a sweetheart!   More info on

9. Soyou (Sistar) – Hot Female Kpop Idol

Soyou (Sistar)

Soyou (Sistar)

Soyou is one of the members of the Korean girl group Sistar. The same year the group debuted, Soyou also started with her solo career. She sang a lot of OSTs of various Korean dramas like Playful Kiss, Empress Ki, She Was Pretty and The Snow Queen 2. She’s also been into numerous Korean variety shows since 2010 and on January 2015, she became one of the MCs for the beauty program Get It Beauty. More info on

8. Ailee – Hot Female Kpop Idol



Ailee started her career in 2012 wherein she released her first single Heaven. On that same year, one month after her debut, she was awarded with Rookie of the Month and for her song Heaven, she was given the award Song of the Month.

Ailee’s career had been consistent in the following years. She had various offers and projects including the release of her album A’s Doll House in which her single U&I took the top rank in musical charts just within 4 hours of release.

Early this year, reports went over the internet about her behavior during SHINee’s performance at the Seoul Music Awards. Among the netizens, it wasn’t not really a big deal but still, Ailee gave out her apology in public.  More info on

7. Lee Hyori – Hot Female Kpop Idol

Lee Hyori

Lee Hyori

We could say that Lee Hyorie is quite an aficionado in the industry due to her experience for almost two decades now. She started her career in 1998 but officially went solo in 2003. She has had a total of five albums namely Stylish, Dark Angel, It’s Hyorish, H-Logic and Monochrome.
In 2013, she tied the knot with her musician boyfriend, Lee Sang Soon. More info on

6. Son Dam Bi – Hot Female Kpop Idol

Son Dam Bi

Son Dam Bi

Son Dam Bi has won several awards including Best Female Artist, Hot Body Icon and Excellence Award. She indeed excels in her field as a singer and dancer. On the side, she had participated into various Korean reality shows and dramas. She’s also appeared in the crime/thriller drama Mrs. Cop 2 as Shin Yeo Ok.
Son Dam Bi debuted in 2009 and had a total of eight albums including her hit singles On A Saturday Night and Crazy.  More info on

5. Lee Hi – Hot Female Kpop Idol

Lee Hi

Lee Hi

Lee Hi was the 1st runner up of the KPOP Star Season 1 where she was up against our 10th on the list, Park Jimin. While Jimin signed a contract under JYP Entertainment, Lee Hi, on the other hand, was managed by YG Entertainment.

On her debut in 2012, her first song Rose became a total hit and ranked first just an hour after its release! What a surprise! This year, Lee Hi’s comeback was announced and on April 6, the full track list of her new album Seoulite was released with her hit singles My Star and Passing By.  More info on

4. Hyuna (4-mimute) – Hot Female Kpop Idol

Hyuna (4-mimute)

Hyuna (4-mimute)

The ever sexy Hyuna takes our 4th spot as Hottest Female Kpop Idol!  Hyuna started with her career back in 2006 and was one of the members of JYP’s Wonder Girls. However, due to health reasons, Hyuna had to leave the group. But in 2008, she went back into the industry and since then, has become one of the members of 4Minute. She’s well-known with her sexy figure, dancing skills and rapping.

As a solo artist, Hyuna is definitely at the peak of success. Although some didn’t agree with the image she was promoting, Hyuna’s career doesn’t seem to have gone out of the box. Her songs Bubble Pop and Troublemaker had gained positive and negative reviews, though. But still, Hyuna’s capability was recognized. She was even listed under Billboard’s notable acts alongside Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus. Amazing, huh?  More info on

3. IU – Hot Female Kpop Idol



With the total of 48 music and film awards and 35 music programs within 8 years and only at the age of 22, IU must have been the youngest and most successful female idol of her generation!

IU debuted in 2008 at the age of 15. Well, yeah, she was just 15! It was way back 2011 when she really took off to popularity. In December 2010, she released her songs Good Day and You and I in 2011. These songs topped the musical charts. Good Day, however, was one of her huge hits and was the longest-time running songs which remained number one for five consecutive weeks! Wow oh wow.

On that same year, 2011, she also had her acting debut. And again, in 2011, IU’s fandom had a huge breakthrough with her very first fan meeting. In 2015, IU at the age of 22, has one of the biggest fan clubs in South Korea. More info on

2. BoA – Hot Female Kpop Idol



Known as the Queen of Korean Pop (KPOP), BOA was the first ever female Korean idol who had promoted Korean Pop. She truly deserves the title. She debuted back in 2000 when she was just fourteen years old though she was discovered by SM Entertainment talent scouts at the age of eleven. Since then, her career has just been unstoppable. She was both active in Japan and in Korea.

Whenever she releases her album, her company would release in two languages, Japanese and Korean. That’s when BOA had become popular and still in the verge of her fame in both countries.
Some of her popular singles are Valenti, Double, Everlasting, Only One and Hurricane Venus. With the total of 17 Studio Albums, 1 live album, 6 compilation albums, 5 extended plays, 76 singles and 2 remix albums, BOA is indeed the Queen of KPOP!  More info on

1. CL (2NE1) – Hottest Female Kpop Idol for 2016

CL (2NE1)

CL (2NE1)

Some of her awards were The Hottest Female Star, Best Female Solo, Top Female Artist, Top 10 Style Icons and tagged as The Baddest Female in South Korea, you’ve probably known our top Korean Idol. And yes! She’s from 2NE1!

CL is under the management of YG Entertainment. She debuted in 2007 and has been known as one of the greatest voices and rappers in South Korea. She’s known as the “Baddest Female” because of her own sense of style, sexy dance moves and her combination of glamorous and hip-hop style. As the leader of the female group 2NE1, she definitely stands out.

In 2009, while associated with 2NE1, took off with her solo activities. But between 2013 and 2015, she released some of her solo hits. Some of her hits were The Baddest Female, Hello Bitches, Birthday, Fallin, Lifted, One and Dr.Pepper. In 2014, it was announced that CL would debut in the United States as a solo artist. More info on

She’s one hot international star!

There you have it! So, what do you think about our list? Share us your thoughts below!

Top 10 Hottest Female Kpop Idols 2015

10. Lee Hyori

9. Ga In

Ga in sexy style

Ga in sexy style

Ga-in is another popular name in the Kpop industry. She is part of the band named Brown Eyed Girls. This is the band that is popular among many people as they always introduce charming and awesome songs for their fans. The adorable artists in this group are also so good in coming with some infectious as well as sexy dance moves. Ga In has got some kind of uniqueness in her singing nature and also dance moves for which she is always the popular one in this band. She is sexy hot and can really grab the attention of all the fans with her electrifying performance.

8. Yuri

Yuri sexy style

Yuri sexy style

It won’t be wrong to call Yuri the heartbeat of various youngsters. She is a permanent member of SNSD/Girls Generation group. Yuri owns a sweet voice and hot personality which become the factors behind her success in the world.

7. Kim Hyuna

Kim Hyuna

Kim Hyuna

Another stunning beauty from South Korea is Kim Hyuna who represented her candidacy at Kpop sometime back. Wonder Girls was one of the groups with which she was formerly associated with. Tremendous display of natural singing and acting talent levels has brought her into the limelight bringing her a world of opportunities in an effortless manner with ease.

6. nana



She was born in 1991 and been a member of “After School” kpop girl band since 2009. She is known as of the korean celebrity with most beautiful face.

5. Park Jiyeon

Park Jiyeon

Park Jiyeon

She is a renowned Kpop singer who is part of the very popular band named T-ara. Bal ji Yun is her real name but she is popularly known as Park. She is the one who is really much popular with her pretty and sexy looks. She has got amazing body and cute face. She is popular not only as a dancer and singer but also as an amazing actress. Her whole band has got the capability of performing so well and in most amazing manner and she can really look different and unique.

4. Park Bom

Park Bom

Park Bom

It seems that South Korea is the only nation to gift us with so many amazing and incredible kpop performers. Park Bom also belongs to South Korea. This amazing singer and dancer is a member of group 2NE1. Park is an internationally recognized and highest paid kpop celebrity. She owns sweet voice, solo dancing skills and of course a super hot figure.

3. Jun Hyoseong

Jun Hyoseong

Jun Hyoseong

Blessed with the looks of a typical poster girl, the life of Jun took a major turn after she has been considered one of the most sexiest Kpop girls of 2014. Secret is the pop band with which she is associated actively. Exploring several features in an extensive manner such as singing, dancing and acting is something that is considered naturally in her case.

2. UEE after school

UEE after school

UEE after school

Uee is the popular figure of the band after school. Her actual name is Kim yu jin which may not be so popular as her stage name which is Uee. She is basically from South Korea and popular both as singer as well as actress. After school is a girl’s band of which she has become a member. The band is so much popular not only in Korea but all over the world. She made her first appearance with the band in the year of 2009. She has also acted so many dramas that include golden rainbow, Ojakgyo brothers, you’re beautiful and queen seondeok.

1. Bae Suzy

bae suzy

bae suzy

Suzy is not only an amazing singer but also much popular as a great actress. She has got fans in almost all the parts of the world. Miss A is the Kpop band of which she is the leader. This group has got fans all over the world and mainly in Japan as well as South Korea. She is the most adorable one among her group due to her great face and also awesome body. Her beautiful face and her sexy figure makes her perform too well on the stage.



Top 10 Sexiest Kpop Female Idols In 2015

2.Park Jiyeon
Time just flies so fast; 2014 is already gone, and 2015 has already arrived for more than 3 months. However, Kpop has no change in popularity; it always remains in the fans’ hearts. For the first three months of the year, a lot of songs have been released. Simultaneously, the Kpop stars have updated their styles a lot in 2015. Most Kpop idols, particularly female, appear more beautiful, lovelier, more stylish and especially sexier. Among all of those sexy female idols, the top 10 sexiest Kpop female idols in 2015 will be listed below.

10. G.NA


A female soloist, G.NA, has an official name as Gina Jane Choi or simply Choi Gina. She is a Canadian songwriter, singer and actress based in South Korea. She firstly joined Kpop industry in 2010, and until, she has released a lot of songs. In most of her songs such as Top Girl, Black & White, Bloom and many other songs, G.NA appears so lovely and sexy.

9. Hyuna


Hyuna, who is a member of 4Minutes, is well-known for her sexy body. She possesses an amazing dancing skill as well as a talented rapping skill which allows her to be the lead rapper of her band. Besides appearing as a group, Hyuna also performs solos. Hyuna is best recognized as a sexy Kpop idol when she appeared as the lady in Psy’s “Gangnam Style” video and the duo in “Trouble Maker”.

8. Youngji


A new and young member of KARA, Youngji, is a South Korean singer who initially appeared in Kpop in 2012. She is a cute and sexy Kpop idol; her sexy body as well as her natural talents have brought her more popularities.

7. Nana


Before becoming a member of After School, Nana was a model, which means she is already recognized as a sexy girl with good looks. She can easily grab her fans’ attentions by her admirable body as well as her dancing and singing styles.

6. Ga In

6.Ga In

Ga In, a part of Brown Eyed Girls, is probably one of the most popular idols when it comes to the list of Sexiest Kpop Female Idols. She has sexy dance moves which can grab attention of many people. To find out how sexy she is, you can watch her music videos such as “Abracadabra”, Psy’s “Gentleman” and her solo “Bloom”.

5. Hyorin


Hyolyn, also known as Hyorin, is a Kpop idol singer, dancer, songwriter and actress. She is a member of Sistar and sub-unit Sistar19. Hyolyn possesses a good dancing and singing skills which are always performed in creative and innovative ways. With her sexy body and sensual dancing move, she can always keep her audiences attentive.

4. Jae Kyung

4.Jae Kyung

She is currently leading the girl band “Rainbow”, and she represents the color Red which is notably the sexiest color. She is a popular singer, model, actress as well as a dancer. These imply that she has natural ability at being provocatively sexy.

3. Yuri


Kwon Yuri, who is a South Korean songwriter, rapper and actress, is well known as a part of Korean Pop’s “Divine Nine”. Yuri is a great Kpop idol who is really talented and seems to be sexy. She also has amazing performance and awesome looks which can make her fans fall for her every performance of her. Not only sexy, but also lovely!

2. Park Jiyeon

2.Park Jiyeon

Park Jiyeon, whose real name is Bal ji Yun, is a skillful dancer, a beautiful singer and an amazing actress. She is a potential Kpop idol who has great dance moves and enchanting performance. Her pretty and sexy looks also help earn more popularity.

1. Suzy


Suzy is the leader of a Kpop band “Miss A”. As a popular singer and actress, Suzy has fans almost all over the world. She is a great actress who is well known for a K-drama “Dream High”. Suzy, like the nine sexy Kpop female idols above, has a hot look and a beautiful face.

In summary, there are so many sexy Kpop female idols who can make you blow your mind with their sexy looks. However, the ten Kpop female stars above are considered as the sexiest in 2015. If you have different ideas from what are listed above, feel free to give us comments!

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