Top 10 Best Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge Selfie Sticks

How hard can it be to snap a selfie today? Never worry about apps, Bluetooth, batteries, software or Wi-Fi, what you need is just a magic monopod. Now, you can capture every moment as it happens and snap shots without any restriction. You never worry about cutting someone out of the picture any more as you can also be in the picture by yourself. Let’s enjoy a specialized list of the top 10 best selfie sticks.

10. Selfie Stick, Noot Self Portrait Blue Extendable Handled Stick

Noot Self Portrait Blue Extendable Handled Stick

This selfie stick by Noot is designed to be super easy and simple to set up. With its extendibility to 90cm and 180 degree position, you can enjoy shooting from many angles. Designed to be compatible with most smartphones including iPhone, Samsung, Sony and LG, this selfie stick allows you to take more stable and sharper photos when holding your device firmly.

9. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge White Extendable Wireless Self Portrait Selfie Handheld Monopod

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge White Extendable Wireless Self Portrait Selfie Handheld Monopod

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge White Monopod is a great product since it is made from innovative Bluetooth technology to capture any great photos with its 3.2-foot extension. If your device is between 3 inches wide, this model is exactly for you. More than that, you can even enjoy the shooting from any angle with its flexible rotation position.

8. Ace3C 50 Extendable Handheld Monopod with Bluetooth Remote Shutter Button


If you are looking for a monopod that you can use to capture special moments during both indoor and outdoor activities, Ace 3C 50″ monopod is expertly designed just for that. Its arm can extend from 18 to 50 inches, which is considered to be very long and will allow you to do shootings from various angles. You can use this product with cell phone, digital camera & POV cameras including GoPro & Sony Action Cam.

7. Aibocn Extendable Monopod Selfie Stick Telescopic Handheld Pole

Aibocn Extendable Monopod Selfie Stick Telescopic Handheld Pole

This Aibocn Telescopic Handheld Pole is made to suit any type of users because it can easily set up and take pictures from any condition and angle. It is among the rarest devices that allow you as users to take photos under the water with its waterproof technology. This light, handy and portable device is built to help you prevent accidental damage such as falling.

6. iKross Monopod Selfie Handheld Extendable Stick Pole

iKross Monopod Selfie Handheld Extendable Stick Pole

A monopod selfie stick of iKross is famous for being a high quality and long-lasting product. It is user-friendly as you can capture any photo or video by yourself in any condition, especially with its capability to rotate its shooting angle at a 180 degree position. More than just being built to have a non-slip handle, this simply cool model can function well with many smart devices operating on iOS and Android systems and GoPro with universal adapter.

5. InnoGear Adjustable Extendable Wireless Bluetooth Monopod


This wireless Bluetooth selfie stick is one of the premium products from InnoGear because it is designed to be stainless and removable. With its wireless shutter, you can take pictures whenever you feel like it, especially with the unbelievable 360 degree position which allows to capture anything from any angle with high definitions. You can use this light and long stick with your smartphones operating at least on iOS 6.0 and Android 4.2.2.

4. Ace3C 17-50 Telescopic Handheld Monopod

Ace3C 17-50 Telescopic Handheld Monopod

Ace3C 17-50 Telescopic Handheld Monopod can work with many smart devices including digital camera, POV camera (GoPro and Sony), smartphones (iPhone, Samsung, Nexus and others). This aluminum-made monopod is designed to have a height of 50 inches will allow you to move and lock the stick easily and conveniently. Beyond that, you do not worry about sliding off via its on-slip soft foam.

3. URPOWER QuickSnap Monopod Extendable Wireless Bluetooth Selfie Stick

URPOWER QuickSnap Monopod Extendable

URPOWER QuickSnap Pro 3-in-1 selfie stick is proclaimed to be the newest stick available on the market. It is very small and light that allows you to take it anywhere to take any photo. You can find it compatible with at least iOS 5.0 and Android 4.2.2. With its 180 degree angle position and 100.5 cm arm reach, you can snap any selfie anytime, especially with its built-in remote camera control function. It is therefore ideal for both indoor and outdoor occasions.

2. SELFIE WORLD Easy Selfie Stick Monopod for Non-Techies

SELFIE WORLD Easy Selfie Stick Monopod

This SELFIE WORLD™ monopod is designed for anyone who just wants to take great self-portrait pictures. This is because you can just plug, and then you are ready to shoot. The use of this monopod will not cause any damage such as scratches and slippage to your phone with the anti-fall feature. What you need is just any iOS 5.0+ or Android 4.0+ systems on your cellphone and the stick. Then, you’re good to go!

1. #1 Pro Selfie Stick, Aerb Extendable Handheld Monopod Pole

1 Pro Selfie Stick Aerb Extendable Handheld Monopod Pole

If you are searching for a professional monopod, this product from Aerb™ is designed explicitly for you because it is easy to use. You can extend this stick up to 98cm and use its 180 degree feature to capture any priceless moment. The rubber skin attached to the monopod can also help protect your phone safely from any accidental damage. You can use this rechargeable stick with smartphones and Gopro.

How to Take a Selfie like a Boss

If you’re like the rest of us, you get excited at the chance to take the perfect selfie. You’ve probably tried out twenty different angles by now, if not then you should go do it now. Maybe try five different rooms and compare the best shots. You will likely find the one special photo that’s sure to go viral among your followers.

But one day you will be somewhere and you don’t have time to practice. There has to be a better way, so you can be ready to take the perfect selfie. Follow these tips below to take a good selfie, whether holding out the phone with your extended arm, or whether using a selfie stick. Here you go.

How to Take a Selfie Holding Your Smartphone

How to Take Good Selfies? Beautiful Lighting is Key

There’s nothing worse than seeing painfully dark selfies as you scroll through your timeline. All those moments lost! Sometimes the light indoors or the sun outside can play tricks on you, and can ruin your shot. If you insist on taking a selfie indoors, best to hang near a window for some natural light. At certain times of day the light will give your skin and hair a spectacular glow.

How to Take Good Selfies? Figure Out Your Signature Pose

Usually when you feel comfortable is also related to when you look your best. Don’t get into a very uncomfortable pose, because your selfie will look un-natural and fake. Be comfortable, and keep it real. Best to pose in a way that shows your true self and personality. If that means tilting your head to the right, or showing your best side, do whatever works for you. Regardless of which pose you strike, always hold the phone above your head.

How to Take Good Selfies? #NoFilter

To be among the top most popular Instagrammers out there, you’ll want to edit your shots with the best apps on the market. Overusing in-app filters can come across as cheesy and make your photos look just like everyone else’s. Photo Wonder is a great App where you can do everything from smoothing out your complexion to adding frames and custom text. Facetune helps with perfecting your skin before you press post.

How to Take Selfies Using the Selfie Stick

Take a Selfie: Pay Attention To Your Surroundings

If you’re going to use a selfie stick, you’ll have a wider field of view to capture a lot more of your immediate surroundings than just using your extended arm. It’s likely you’re probably snapping your selfie stick selfie in an area where there are other people, like in a crowded tourist spot. When you find yourself in a crowd, try to move toward the edge of the crowd or try to get some elbow room and a bit of space around you. This way you can avoid having too many people photo bomb you.

Take a Selfie: First Pass The Test

Unlike selfies taken without selfie stick, you don’t have the advantage of seeing your pic right away. Just go ahead and snap several photos at a time 3-5 snaps is good. You need to practice and get the right angle, so go ahead and snap away. Make sure you practice at home before you go out, else you’ll look like a bumbling tourist.

Take a Selfie: Keep Your Stick Out Of It

For the incredible selfie, you do not want the selfie stick being the center of attention. Move your arm and position the stick so it is somewhat out of the frame. You can get a nice top-down shot this way.

Though the perfect selfie may seem like a lot more work than originally perceived, you can nail it with a bit of practice and these helpful tips.