Top 10 Best Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge Screen Protectors

Smartphones, especially Samsung brand are popular because of their wide touch screen capability. Yet, the screen can be damaged from fingerprints and smudges. You might find it quite disturbing and upsetting to look at your ugly, scratched and scraped screen. With that problem presented, creative designers have innovated screen protector to allow smartphone users for maximum security and satisfaction. So, to choose the right protector for your Samsung Galaxy S6, we present to you a list of top 10 best screen protectors.

10. Galaxy S6 Screen Protector Front and Back amFilm Premium HD Clear

amFilm Premium HD Clear

This high-quality screen protector by amFilm is designed specifically for Samsung Galaxy S6 2016. When you apply for the first time, it will be just a crystal clear film on your screen. You will benefit from this screen because it will protect your screen from the daily use that might result in scratches, dust and scrapes. You do not need to worry about any residual when removed because it will be stainless.

9. Skinomi TechSkin Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Screen Protector

Skinomi TechSkin

Skinomi TechSkin is an incredible product because it is cut by laser technology that will enhance your phone’s screen coverage. You will not experience any error or bubble when you apply this protector on the screen. This made-for-Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge screen protector can be even used to withstand impact and will not turn yellow easily. This super clear screen protector like glass is made in the US to ensure quality and satisfaction from the genuine touch experience.

8. Galaxy S6 Edge Screen Protector [ Flat Surface Coverage Only, No Curved Edges ]

Tempered Glass LCD HD Premium Screen Protector

This screen protector is expertly designed for Galaxy S6 Edge which is easy to install and bubble-free. You can use this glass-like protector to cover the flat screen of your smartphone easily. In addition to having the ability to endure impact up to 5 times of a normal screen, this protector can allow you to feel the true and clear touch of your screen conveniently.

7. Galaxy S6 Edge Screen Protector, Spigen

Spigen Galaxy S6 Edge Screen Protector

When you are searching for a screen protector that is designed with flexibility in mind, this premium protector by Spigen is designed exactly to cover the screen of your Galaxy S6 Edge. You will find that this super cool and HD clear protector can be applied handily and removed without any stain.
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6. Yousave Accessories Samsung Galaxy S6 Screen Protector

Yousave Accessories Samsung Galaxy S6 Screen Protector

Yousave’s screen protector is a special accessory designed for the screen of your Galaxy S6. You can easily apply this protector on your screen without any bubble or error, especially with the help from the Easy Fitting feature. It is also able to protect your screen from daily-use damage such as scratches and scrapes.

5. Galaxy S6 Screen Protector CellBee

CellBee Galaxy S6 Screen Protector

This screen protector by CellBee is precisely designed for Galaxy S6. Its HD clarity and shock-resistant layer allows you to truly touch your screen like the protector is not even there. With the Oleo-phobic coating technology, you will not be bothered by the smudge, fingerprint or scratch resulted from the everyday use. You will even be amazed by its ability to take at least 5 times the impact that your screen will encounter.

4. Ionic Samsung Galaxy S6 Screen Protector Tempered Glass

Ionic Samsung Galaxy S6 Screen Protector Tempered Glass 2015

Ionic protector is an unrivaled screen protector for Samsung Galaxy S6 as it can keep the surface smooth, transparent and clear at any condition. You are going to love this ultra-thin but hard as diamond protector because it can use to shield your screen from scratch and with high impact.

3. Samsung Galaxy S6 Screen Protector Tempered Glass, iSmooth, Ultra Clear

Tempered Glass iSmooth Ultra Clear

If you need any help with screen protector application, the iSmooth customer support can be a great help for you when you purchase iSmooth’s HD clear screen protector. This bubble-free, super strong and high-quality protector is precisely designed for Samsung Galaxy S6. If you are worried about the rainbow effects on screen, please don’t because you are using this premium product of iSmooth.

2. meOne Samsung Galaxy S6 Screen Protectors

meOne Samsung Galaxy S6 Screen Protectors

Without question, this meOne’s screen protector is uniquely designed for Samsung Galaxy S6. You as users will definitely love this hard-as-diamond and glass-like protector because it is anti-fingerprint and precisely cut to fit well with your screen. Therefore it is a high-quality product of meOne that can enhance your touch sensitivity of the screen.

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1. Galaxy S6 Screen Protector Invisible Defender

Invisible Defender

Being superiorly popular as one of the best screen protectors, you are going to have a great time with this so-called the Invisible Defender. It is made with very high quality materials which results in this Galaxy S6 screen protector that can help to prevent scratches on your phone screen perfectly. Great touch sensitivity is another main feature of this item. With its latest technology, you can have most natural touch with this screen protector on your Galaxy S6.

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