Top 10 Best Samsung Galaxy s6 and s6 Edge Cases and Covers

These days we are not limited by no choice, but by overwhelming choices that we experience every day. We are not sure which case or cover we should pick to furnish our Samsung smartphones. To help select a nice accessory suitable for your taste and your phones, we bring a list of top 10 best Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge cases and covers this year.

10. Premium Faux Leather Executive Holster Case

Premium Faux Leather Executive Holster Case

Premium Faux Leather Executive Holster Case, a protective case that you can carry your smartphones handily, designed for Samsung Galaxy. Your phones are safe from minor falling or colliding incidents resulting from bumps, dents and scratches. It will fully cover every inch of your phone.

9. Galaxy S6 Case Verus [Card Slot Case] Samsung Galaxy S6 Case

Galaxy S6 Case Verus Samsung Galaxy S6 Case

Verus case, designed for Samsung Galaxy S6 is a revolutionized product that makes it easier to keep your valuable phones and cards within reach in one place. The case is built with sturdy hard exteriors that can prevent outside impact and soft so that it keeps the phone in good condition when the impact takes place. Beyond that, it is also made to have space for the storage of a couple of IDs and credit cards.

8. Galaxy S6 Case Verus [Air Space Cushion] Samsung Galaxy S6 Case

Galaxy S6 Case Verus Air Space Cushion

If you are looking for a high-quality case that suits your Samsung Galaxy S6, this case by Verus is a perfect gift for you. It is specifically designed to be slim and light, making it very handy and convenient for you. It will offer you unrivaled protection from scratching and dropping. It is a premium product that is popular with customers because it protects not only your screen, but also the camera. You are going to fall in love with this classy-looking case for your smart device.

7. JETech Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Case Cover Bumper

JETech’s case is made for no other phones but Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 2016. This is the product that suits your high-tech and elegant phones because its super HD clear case protects both your device and also shows off the original look of your awesome device. Even though this case fully covers your phone, but it is expertly designed to have cutouts which allow you to access all features of your phones such as speakers, camera and charger without even removing the case.®-Samsung-Cover-Bumper/dp/B00U63BCM6/ref=sr_1_31?ie=UTF8&qid=1427993106&sr=8-31&keywords=S6+EDGE+CASES+AND+COVERS

6. Women’s Zip Wallet with Strap for Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

Women Zip Wallet with Strap

If you are seeking for spacious cover case for your Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, this women’s zip wallet is a perfect companion for your phone. It is made with PU leather that can offer elegant look for your phone. It is creatively designed just for you to enjoy the ultimate security and protection. You will be amazed by the space that this case’s design can allow you to store three card slots, keep small bills and insert a couple of your IDs safely.

5. Galaxy S6 Case, Spigen [METALLIZED BUTTONS] Neo Hybrid Series Case

Spigen METALLIZED BUTTONS Neo Hybrid Series Case

This case by Spigen is a quality product that is flawlessly designed to protect both the back and your screen from any harm. You can use this case to cover your Galaxy S6. Its metalized edges can offer classy look and maximum protection for your phone. Its style is a perfect combination between black smooth rubber and silver metal. Since it is super slim, it still preserves the original look of your phone, but fully shield your phone from accidental damage.

4. Protective Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Case Hybrid Dual Layer Defender Protective Case Cover

This case is creatively designed to be elegant and protective hybrid case for your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. You will not find anything like this, so soft yet extremely protective. It can cover every edge of your beloved device. It can also be perfectly attach it to your wrist while you are running or working out at the gym, so that you can enjoy your favorite music or listen to your audiobooks or podcast anytime and anywhere. Simply, you will feel safe from damage such as dropping and scratching because all the edges are fully covered.

3. Verus [Card Slot Case] Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Case

Verus Card Slot Case Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Case

This premium quality case from Verus is manufactured for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. It is a ideal case that is made of quality material to offer you comfortable touch and holding. Its rubberized edges can protect both the front and the back of your phone. More than that, it can fully protect your camera from any damage. If you need some space for your IDs and credit cards, this case is a good deal for you because it is designed to allow you to do just that.

2. Waterproof Pouch Case Cover for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Waterproof Pouch Case Cover

If you are looking for a case cover to protect your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge from water damage, this Waterproof Pouch Case Cover fits your criteria because you can use this case when you are under the water and engage in other strenuous activities. It is designed to leave HD clear windows on both sides to allow you to capture special moment and even videos. It is also possible to use this product safely and soundly while you are driving on the road without any difficulty.

1. Hard Case Hybrid Dual Layer Defender Protective Case Cover

This hard case is flawlessly designed for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. It is creatively made to offer you both the soft silicone and hard plastic of this high-quality case. It can provide you unrivaled protection from any serious damage such as scratch, collision and drop. This super awesome case is not only protective, but also affordable. Thus if you are working out at the gym or doing any demanding activities, you will need this case because it is designed exactly to do that job.