Top 10 Best NFL Fantasy Football Rankings Websites

Here are the 10 best NFL fantasy football rankings websites, for playing fantasy football and getting help, rankings, and information.

Fantasy football has evolved since it became a thing all the way back in the 1960s. It has transformed from just a game where friends would sit around a table for hours on end drafting their players purely for the comradery of it, to now becoming a game where players can make some serious cash off of it.

In this article, I will be telling you what my favorite sites are to play fantasy football on and where my favorite places to get fantasy football help are as well. So without further ado, let’s get into some fantasy football!

Best NFL Fantasy Football Rankings Websites

Top 5 Best Fantasy Football Sites

1. DraftKings

best nfl fantasy football rankings websites draftkings

In the intro, I said that people are beginning to make a good chunk of change playing fantasy football. However, this is certainly not happening solely in the season-long format. In fact, the bigger prize pools for money are in the newly established daily fantasy sports format rather than the traditional season-long format. Yes, the season-long format has leagues where large sums of money are awarded to the winner, but it is just not the same.

To win a million dollars in a season-long league would have to involve you putting up a very high investment for your team that has no guarantee of staying healthy for the entirety of the season. In the daily fantasy format (primarily on Draftkings), million dollar prizes can be had on a weekly basis from week one up until the divisional round of the playoffs. Just for an investment of a little as $20-$27 per week (changes depending on the week). And did I mention that you can win trips to live finals to win even more money? Last season,

Draftkings held their live final in San Diego California. Where the winner was able to win four million! Draftkings pays for all the expenses if you are lucky enough to qualify for such an event. And that is certainly not an experience that season long can match.

For those that are unaware of the daily fantasy format, these are teams that you can build on a weekly basis based on a salary cap, and not a draft. Meaning that you can have whatever players you want as long as your roster is under the salary cap (on Draftkings, that is $50,000).

The best part is that if a player gets hurt, you are not committed to him for the rest of the season. I prefer Draftkings over FanDuel (which I will discuss momentarily) because of the fact that instead of having to roster a kicker, you roster a flex spot instead. Which can be a WR, RB, or TE. Daily fantasy sports are growing fast, why not try it a little bit to see if you like it.

2. FanDuel best nfl fantasy football rankings websites

FanDuel is the main competitor to Draftkings. FanDuel is considered to be the market leader currently in this space. They generated the most revenue during this past fantasy football season. This site also has large tournaments just like Draftkings does, but not to the same extent. Except for week one of the previous two seasons (and I would assume for the start of next season as well), FanDuel does host any tournaments where the general public can win a million dollars in one week except for their live finals. The only downside of FanDuel is that rostering a kicker is mandatory.

3. Yahoo

best nfl fantasy football rankings websites

Yahoo and my next site on this list are a very close number three and four in my mind when it comes to top sites to play fantasy football. But the reason as to why I am giving Yahoo the edge is because they have a daily fantasy sports product (I am a sucker for daily fantasy sports). But they also have a fantastic season long product. I enjoy seeing some of the analytics that they have on the front page for you the second that you finish your draft. For example, how your team stacks up against the other teams in your league. I also find enjoyment in the silly badges that they give for your team achieving menial things such as completing your draft, or picking up a free agent. But if you are only interested in playing the season-long format, then I suggest going to the next site.


best nfl fantasy football rankings websites

The worldwide leader in sports should just call themselves the worldwide leader in season long fantasy sports. Because truthfully, this is where I have always preferred to play them. My playing of season long leagues has decreased ever since discovering the daily fantasy game. But when I do want to play a season long league with some friends, I prefer to do it on ESPN. Preferably as the commissioner. Not because of an overbearing need for power, but because the tools that ESPN gives the league Commissioners in their fantasy football leagues is cool. The coolest being the ability to give fake press conferences with the one and only Scott Van Pelt. They are adding more and more cool features every year. And once they add a DFS product, then they will be well above Yahoo in my book.

5. NFFC National Fantasy Football Championship

nffc best nfl fantasy football rankings websites

I feel obligated to give this site a shout out on the list. This stands for National Fantasy Football Championship. The site itself offers no fancy bells and whistles for its league members. But these leagues usually have the best of the best in the world in fantasy football competing for big money (relative to season long fantasy football). Plus, the in-person drafts are usually in excellent locations like New York City and Las Vegas!

Honorable Mention to They have some cool leagues where you can win NFL memorabilia. I was once able to win an official NFL Flag from one of these leagues. Downside is that the price for entry vs. the prize that you get might seem like a little bit of a rip-off. But this is the NFL we are talking about here.

Best Fantasy Football Help Sites

1. Rotogrinders

rotogrinders best nfl fantasy football rankings websites

This is by far the top site for help in playing any DFS sport. They have experts giving their picks. They have boatloads of articles teaching you how to become a better player. They even have an on-staff meteorologist who provides weather forecasts for all sporting events that have fantasy implications outdoors. Rotogrinders is amazing, and if you are playing DFS without going on this site, then you are probably bleeding money.

2. 4for4

4for4 best nfl fantasy football rankings websites

This site is ideal for both the season long and DFS player. For the season long leagues, they have cheat sheets and strategy guides that go more in depth than you could ever imagine. For the DFS player, there are numerical projections that have been rated the most accurate in the industry for three straight years. It is a fantastic overall site, and I highly recommend paying for the subscription.

3. Rotoviz

rotoviz best nfl fantasy football rankings websites

This is a site more geared toward the DFS crowd, but can also be used for season long players as well. For only $30 per year, you can use advanced metrics to see comparables to other players. For example, if I want to see how rookie Corey Coleman will perform over his rookie season, I just need to plug in his name and out will come to a list of other players that Corey Coleman compares. The metrics of this site are fantastic and recommend checking it out.

4. Pro Football Focus

profootballfocus best nfl fantasy football rankings websites

This site is fantastic in every way. It is an excellent way to both subjectively and objectively look at players through the greatest minds in the sport. They have a host of advanced metrics that can be advantages for all types of fantasy football players. It is just an amazing way to look at football. Have I mentioned that it is amazing

5. Fantasy Pros

best nfl fantasy football rankings websites

Fantasy Pros is a site that aggregates the opinions of all experts and combines them into one list of rankings. In the case of fantasy football, it is a weekly rankings list of players that a long list of experts compose that show how players rank realistically on a weekly basis. The aggregation of rankings removes any bias so that you can make a strong, objective decision based upon intelligent subjective thinking.

I hope this article help you greatly in discovering new places to play fantasy football, and in finding new places to get your fantasy football help. If you have any questions, comment, or concerns, Find me on Twitter @Echeney17

By Evan Cheney