Top 10 Best Kitchen Knives in 2016 Reviews

People always want the best equipment in their kitchen. Great utensils help the cook to produce great food fast and tasty. Amongst the many kitchen utensils that are seen in various kitchens, kitchen knife is typically a very common yet important tool to have around. Not only it helps the cooking process, some knives also come in very handy for other purposes around the house. Therefore, it is essential to have the best kitchen knives available in your kitchen. Below are the ten best kitchen knives in 2016.

10. Sunbeam 70329.13 Westmont 13-Piece Cutlery Set


These kitchen knives come in as a set, and are one of the best kitchen utensils to have all around. The set includes 13 types of knives such as the chef knife, utility knife, bread knife, paring knife and steak knife, to name a few. These knives from Sunbeam are made of stainless steel with quality polypropylene handle which is great for everyday use.

9. J.A. HENCKELS INTERNATIONAL Fine Edge Pro 2-pc Asian Knife Set


The J.A. Henckels knife is a great utensil to have in your kitchen. Known for quality and comfortable use, this knife from Henckels are made of german stainless steel with a contoured black poly handle, great for every hand’s size. With very sharp and premium quality, this knife should definitely be the go-to option for people who want a not-too-big but quality knife to put in a small-space kitchen.

8. Victorinox 48042 Cutlery 3-Piece Paring Knife Set


Standing at number eight, the Victorinox 48042 cutlery knife set is a great utensil that fits perfectly in family’s kitchens. The set comes with 3 pieces of paring knives which are very useful and helpful for everyday cooking. In general, if you want great knives for deveining shrimp or peeling or slicing vegetables, this 3-piece knife set should definitely be the one to go for.

7. Victorinox Swiss Classic 4-Inch Paring Knife, Spear Tip


Victorinox Swiss Classic 4-inch paring knife (Spear Tip) has been rated as on the people’s favorite in 2016. Made and designed specially by master cutlers in Switzerland, this knife is the choice for both professionals and normal users. The handle is made of ergonomic fibrox which is relatively strong and anti-slip, perfect for using on daily basis. Thanks to its spear tip and quality blade, this Victorinox Swiss Classic Knife is very sharp and convenient to use.


6. Non-stick Sushi Chef’s Knife


The non-stick sushi chef’s knife is one of the best kitchen products in 2016 that many people like. The overall design of this knife is spot-on and very likable for most people, either professional chef or family cook. It is colored in black with stainless steel blade and a very good-grip handle. Perfect for cutting sushi, this knife is also great for everyday use in the kitchen as well.

5. Cuisinart Advantage 12-Piece Knife Set


Many people love the cuisinart advantage 12-piece knife set due to its colorful and good quality knives. Not only it consists of 12 different pieces of knives that are perfect for your kitchen’s everyday uses, but this knife set from Cuisinart also comes with different colors for each individual knife, thus making your kitchen very stylish and productive at the same time. Each blade of the knife is featured with great protection and ergonomic handles, which are very convenient for everyone.

4. FarberWare Classic Color Series 6 Piece knife Set


The FarberWare Classic knife set is well known for both fashionable and productive knives in 2016. Similar to the previous model from Cuisinart, this knife set from FarberWare also features different colors for people who need an extra edge of style in their home kitchen. The blade of the knives is stainless steel with high carbon. With the quality color-coating technology, these knives are very helpful during cooking as the color-coated blade helps to protect food from sticking and/or tearing while cutting.

3. Zyliss Chef’s Knife, 7-1/2-Inch


At number three of the list, the Zyliss Chef’s knife is one of the highly recommended knives from professional chefs. The material used to make the blade is top-notch stainless steel, very well known for sharpness and lightweight. The handle of this knife also features very soft-touch grip that helps users to hold it conveniently and effectively during cutting. Perfect for preparing the ingredients and meats for the meal, this Zyliss chef should be a definite choice to consider.

2. Royal Chef’s Knife 13 inch – Full Tang Blade – Professional Kitchen Knife


Marking its name as the second best of this list, the Royal Chef’s full tang blade knife has been widely used particularly by professionals in the cooking industry. One of the main features that make every chef loves about this knife is its versatility. Not only it can be used for cutting and slicing various food ingredients, this Royal Chef’s knife can easily handle every activity that a professional chef needs in the kitchen.


1. Victorinox Fibrox 8-Inch Chef’s Knife 40520, 47520, 45520, 5.2063.20


Topping the list of the best kitchen knives in 2016, the Victorinox Fibrox 8-inch knife is easily the best utensil every kitchen should have. With its premium-built blade and very good-grip handle, this knife from Victorinox can be used for various purposes in the kitchen. Moreover, the overall length and weight of this knife is perfect for standard hand-size, making it very convenient and helpful during everyday cooking in the kitchen.