Top 10 best health insurance companies in India

Health is one of the most important things for all human beings. Good health will lead your way to a successful life, while bad health is a big obstacle. Therefore, owning a health insurance will help you a lot. Health insurance in some countries is considered as a luxury, but health insurance in India is a must have because of the increasing rate of medical inflation. Since people can hardly afford hospital expenses, health insurance is required in India. Well, if you haven’t possessed a health insurance and are looking for it, let me introduce you the top 10 best health insurance companies in India.

health insurance

health insurance

1.Star Health & Allied Insurance Company Limited:

is a large health insurance company which is joined by health insurance companies such as Oman health Insurance Company, ETA Ascon Group, and a number of veterans in the country. Also, Star is considered as the first dedicated health insurance company in India. Star has innovated some unique products such as Diabetes Safe (for diabetic patients) and Star Netplus (for HIV+ patients). Having an in-house TPA (Third Party Administrator), Star can deal with cashless cases efficiently. Moreover, there is a toll free number which allows customer to get free consultation.

2.Max Bupa Health insurance:

Its name “Max Bupa” comes from two health insurance companies: Max India Limited and Bupa Group. Max Bupa was founded in 2010, bringing changes in health insurance market in India with its innovative products. Max Bupa claims to provide the highest quality of service to their customers in order to nurturing the long-term relationship.  Max Bupa’s enrollment is available for any ages, meaning that people of any ages can buy their policies. Good health insurance requires one point; best treatment comes whenever you need it, and Max Bupa possesses this!

3.Apollo Munich:

Apollo Munich, which was previously called Apollo DKV Insurance Co. Ltd., is a joint venture between The Apollo Hospitals Group and Germany based Munich Re’s newest business segment, Munich Health. Apollo Munich brings friendly innovations in health insurance market such as the lifetime renewals and the portability benefits for the existing policies. The portability benefit means that you can buy Apollo Munich’s policies and get the continuation benefits from your existing policies.

4.Reliance Health Insurance:

Being one of the leading private general companies in India, Reliance Health Insurance aims to provide the best medical care to the customers. RHI provides customers with a lot of unique benefits such as 4000 available network hospitals for cashless claim settlement, no claim bonus, no co-payment on claims, subsequent renewals with claim loading, and so on. Among all policies of RHI, “Health wise family floater” is a popular one.

5.ICICI Lombard:

Among all private general insurance companies in India, ICICI Lombard is the largest one. The popular product of this company is “Health advantage” which covers hospitalization expenses as well as outpatient expenses like dental, up to a limit. Besides these, “Health advantage” also covers on maternity. Furthermore, ICICI Lombard provides Health Insurance which is an interactive tool to help costumers select a right plan to fit with their requirements.

6.Bajaj Allianz General Insurance:

comes from the partnership between Bajaj Finserv Limited and Allianz SE. Health insurance. Bajaj Allianz provides three main policies such as Health Guard (Mediclaim), Silver health (Senior Citizen) and Star package (Family Floater), and Health Guard is a popular one. Besides, there is Hospital Cash which gives an amount on everyday hospitalization, and there is also Critical Illness which gives a lump sum when the insured contracts one of the listed critical illnesses such as cancer during the policy period. Remarkably, Bajaj was the first company that provide a captive TPA with certain efficiencies.

7.Oriental insurance:

is a public section general insurance company which offers a wide range of health insurances such as Individual mediclaim, Universal health insurance scheme and family floaters. Among these products, family floater is a popular product since it is different from other health insurance companies. It doesn’t require a medical examination for people up to the age of 60, while other policies require people over the age of 45 have to take a health check-up.

8.United India Insurance:

is also sort of public sector unit which consists a number of health insurances including Family Medicare- Gold, Platinum, Senior Citizen, Top-up and Super Top-up. Family Medicare is popular since it covers not only hospitalization expenses but also specified illness expenses. Top-up and Super Top-up are special products which provide extra amount if costumers finds the basic cover insufficient.

9.New India Assurance:

It was formed in 1919, making it one of the first Indian companies wholly owned by the government. New India Assurance provides various kinds of health insurance policy such as Mediclaim policy, senior citizen policy and Universal health insurance policy. Mediclaim policy gets the most popularity because of its unique feature—the differential rating for major metros in comparison with other locations.

10.National Insurance:

is a fully government owned general insurance company which was founded in 1906. National Insurance provides some health insurance products such as Parivar Mediclaim (family), National Mediclaim (hospitalization expenses), and Oversea Mediclaim (travel emergencies). Besides, there is a popular product called Varishta Mediclaim which is specifically designed for senior citizen.

In conclusion, health insurance is a necessary thing for your everyday life. If you want a health insurance, you can consider one of these health insurance companies in India. Hopefully, this article will help you in your decision making of choosing a right health insurance firm.