Top 10 Best Driving School in USA

People have to commute every day from their home to their workplace and vice versa. In these modern day, people who live in developed countries with high-tech transportation seem to be more likely to take a bus, a train or a taxi. Concurrently, most people also prefer driving car. In USA, as well as in other countries, people have to own a driving license in order to travel legally. Giving driving license in United States varies from each state to another regarding to age, usually between 14 and 18. Nevertheless, 16 is considered as the minimum age for most states.

U.S Driving School

U.S Driving School

If you are 16 years old and want have a driving class, here are the top 10 best driving schools in USA.

1.U.S Driving School:

Its main office locates in Pennington, New Jersey, United States. U.S Driving School claims to help their clients obtain drivers’ license as well as be independent and confident drivers. Established since 2005, U.S Driving School has gathered instructors who have more than 5 years of experience, and some of them also received a degree. U.S Driving School mostly focuses on drivers’ safety by working diligently in providing a crucial observation.

2.American Best Driving and Traffic School:

locates in North Hollywood, CA 91661, United States. This school consists of highly qualify instructors who have a lot of experience in driving and teaching. Instructors are patient and understanding, helping you drive steadily and fluently. You are more likely to pass the driving test just on the first try. This school has been established for over 15 years, teaching many students about the traffic law and how to obtain driver’s license.

3.US One Driving School:

is situated in New York, United States. US One Driving School is considered as one of the best driving schools in United States due to its commitment to provide students the best tools and instructions in driving safely and obeying the law. US One Driving School hopes that their students will make New York become a safer and better city. According to its official website (, US One Driving School’s professional instructors, who possess a caring and polite nature, have over 25 years of experience in driving.

4.Winsen Driving School:

is reviewed as the best driving school in San Francisco because of its professional instructor, Mr. Yu. He is a great instructor who pays all of his attention to teach his students. He owns his private lessons which help many of his students pass the driving license in just their first try. His patience and his thoroughness in work make him become a popular instructor for many students. The rate of him is also reasonable which can be afforded.

5.911 Driving School:

locates in Washington, United States. 911 Driving School varies from the other schools. The driving classes are instructed by police officers or fire fighters. It is believed that only police officers or fire fighters have a lot of knowledge and expertise in instructing the students for great responsibility of driving. Students who complete the class are more likely to obtain driver’s license effectively.

6.Behind The Wheel Driving School:

locates in Manhattan Beach, CA 90266, United States. Having experience around 50 years, Behind The Wheel Driving School has helped a lot of students pass the driving test successfully. BTW’s professional instructors have expertise in driving and teach you to be confident behind the wheel. Instructors are friendly and kind, answering all your questions about driving course and test. Especially, BTW has got A+ from companies like Better Business Bureau.

7.The Bridgestone Winter Driving School:

is situated in Colorado, United States. Some people might find it hard to travel in the winter because of extensive snow. Sometimes, it can also cause unpredictable danger. Therefore, this driving school was established. The Bridgestone Winter claims to develop drivers’ ability in driving on ice tracks safely and confidently despite of any dangerous winter conditions. You will learn new skills and instructions from the school’s professional instructors.

8.HomeSafe Driving School:

has three locations such as Orange CA 92865, Costa Mesa CA 92626 and Huntington Beach CA 92647. Believing safety is an important aspect, HomeSafe has committed to create “safe drivers” by providing both soft and hard skills. The hard skills are about technical driving while the softs are about characters and attitudes—being patient in and aware of driving.

9.Top Driver Driving School:

locates in Lombard, Illinois, United States. Most driving schools are the same. However, Top Driver is different. Top Driver mostly cares about the parents’ concern about driving education. Top Driver provides a high quality of education, convenience and help for the parents to instruct their children to drive safely. Top Driver consists of understanding, professional instructors as well as modern education centers.

10.Abel’s Driving School:

is one of the popular driving schools in Los Angeles, United States. Abel’s Driving School provides the students with professional instructors who have a lot of experience in teaching, help build driver’s confidence behind the wheel, give special tips in driving safely, and even pick you up for free. Also, it provides a suitable price with great service. After finishing your study, you will be confident in driving auto-mobile in any situation.

To sum up, the driving schools above are all located in United States. If you are looking for a driving school for yourself or your over 16-year-old children, you can choose the one that locates nearest to your home or the best option for you. If you have different idea of best driving school in USA, feel free to comment and let us know!