Top 10 Best Cycling Gloves for Men in 2016 Reviews

Cycling is a fun and healthy activity that many people like to do. People have increasingly pick up cycling as one of their daily or weekend hobbies. As such, many related accessories have been developed along with this rise of cycling habits. Among those, cycling gloves for men have also been very popular in the market todays. The list below will outline ten of the best cycling gloves for men you should get right now.

10. Fox Men’s Dirtpaw Race Gloves


The Fox Men’s Dirtpaw Race Gloves have been rated in the list of the best cycling gloves mainly due to its fancy look and good performance. Designed by Fox, these gloves are made from quality materials which make it very lightweight and easy to use. Also, the finger tips are made of silicone gripper for better grip purpose. On the main surface, these gloves are covered by Fox’s logos and graphics, making them very attractive to wear.

9. Pearl Izumi Men’s Elite Gel Glove

Built for perfect fit and great quality, the Pearl Izumi Men’s Elite Gel Glove is one of the best choices you should get. It is a half-finger style of gloves, featuring synthetic clothing materials to maintain ideal temperature for your hands during cycling. The gel padded palm also provides great grip and flexibility to the users when riding for a long distance.

8. Giro Monaco Gloves

The Giro Monaco Gloves are a perfect choice for those people who want great grip and comfortable wear. These gloves come with a very soft, microfiber surface which is great for comfort and flexibility. The palm is a pittard vented leather with technogel padding. Such build has thus made these Giro Monaco Gloves a favourite for many bikers.

7. Pearl Izumi Men’s Select Glove

This Pearl Izumi Men’s Select Glove is well known for great construction and effective performance. The quality leather palm of this glove makes gripping and controlling very enjoyable. Moreover, if you are looking for a soft and lightweight glove that can wear days in days out, then this pair of gloves would be the perfect choice for you.

6. Giro Bravo Gloves

Another pair of gloves from Giro that hits this top-10 list at sixth spot is the Giro Bravo Gloves. This alternative version of the Giro’s collection is very popular due to its versatility and performance. It comes with a variety of colour choices for people to choose based on their preferences. It is built with a superfit technology, featuring a microfiber wiping surface and optimized gel padding, which are specially designed for durability and good look.

5. Louis Garneau 12c Air Gel Gloves – Men’s

This Louis Garneau Air Gel Gloves are perfect for both amateur and professional bikers. Highly recommended for road cycling, this pair of gloves from Louis Garneau not only gives great precision and flexibility for controlling purpose, but also provides great comfortability to the hands. Also, with bio gel padding, this pair of gloves is easily the one to watch out for.

4. Oceantree(TM) Cycling Gloves Bike Bicycle Gel Gloves

The Oceantree cycling gloves has been rated as a top quality pair of cycling gloves that everyone should try. Not only these gloves provide great comfort and performance to the bikers, but they also feature an eye-catching design that would look perfect on anybody’s hands. The key material used for these gloves is top-quality elastic fiber, which is ideal for good gripping and responsive flexibility.

3. Mountain Made Crestone Cycling Gloves with Touchscreen

At number three of the list, the Mountain Made Crestone Cycling Gloves are very well known for its comfortable and functional features. The overall build of these gloves made of breathable lycra surface, with quality padding on the palm of the gloves. Such features thus not only provide great supports to the fingers, but also let you use your touchscreen smartphone very easily and effectively with the gloves on.

2. Louis Garneau Men’s Creek Cycling Gloves

Standing second of the list, the Louis Garneau Men’s Creek Cycling Gloves are one the best accessories every biker should own one. These gloves are made of spandex fabric and amara fabric on the upper surface and palm, respectively. Thus, the overall body of the gloves has been specially designed to give perfect fit and breathable features, which are very important for a comfortable and effective cycling habits.

1. Louis Garneau 1 Calory Glove – Men’s



Louis Garneau 1 Calory Glove is easily the best choice of the ten mentioned. This pair of gloves features a foam palm insert-padding which is perfect for gripping and flexibility, especially on a road cycling. In addition, in order to keep your hands fit and firm within the gloves, there includes a hook-and-loop strap that work as a charm, for everyone to enjoy their cycling. Get a pair of Louis Garneau Calory Gloves, and you will be satisfied!