Khmer Smart Keyboard on iOS8

Mr. Kruy Vanna said smart keyboard is not a Shift button, just pull down instead. Smart keyboard has a feature that can help make writing faster, such as:

  • Drag the left to delete
  • Drag right to exchange numbers and ponds bezels
  • Drag above to take without having to change numbers and ponds full
  • Drag the button spaces up from the left or right to remove the question mark “?” Khan “.”
khmer smart keyboard

khmer smart keyboard

khmer smart keyboard -1

khmer smart keyboard -1


  1. Keyboard for Khmer language of Cambodia
  2. Fast typing with flick gesture
  3. Delete by swiping left
  4. Change mode by swiping right

After developing software keyboard Khmer Students hope that users can type Khmer fast reduce problems using English letters written on behalf of khmer language (Latin), and that will make the script there is a little more than before.

He said that this program for download on iOS 8, and will continue to develop additional androrid soon.