How to jailbreak iOS7.1?

After Apple released iOS 7.1 for the general public immediately Evad3rS announced that iOS 7.1 jailbreak by Evasion Untethered but Yesterday Mr.Winocm, He is member of the jailbreak iOS previously in the group (IH8sn0w) showed a video untether jailbreak on iOS 7.1 on iPhone 4.

Like what you see in the video above and that Mr.Winocm are jailbreaking iOS 7.1 on iPhone 4. Note: Source Maypalo recalled that the steps of the jailbreak iOS 7.1 may not be made public, the reasons are:

Apple is busy working on iOS 8
Why the second Mr.Winocm is provided by Apple, so this one will stop him not to disclose how to jailbreak iOS 7.1