Ideas for World Cup Restaurant fast food trays from Brazil to a golf ball

Imminent carnival over the world to him. Many brands have started similar campaigns come out for us to play and win some fun. But this is the idea of ​​pulling out both online and offline, and put together a very slick. The idea of ​​eating fast or fast food trays made Apple and the restaurant into a football field-sized enterprises …



We figured this out ideas include. Giraffas which is a fast food restaurant originating from Brazil, opening branches in the U.S.. Brazil is also a country which hosted the World Cup this year. The shop has noted that more than 90% of the service is to use smart phones while dining in a restaurant. It is an idea to do something in between the smartphone eat rather than play alone. What is the conversion of food trays to simulate a football field and use the app on your smartphone of choice is soccer called The Goal Screen.

The character of the Be played on the tray is printed on. Which it is to drop the ball, which is part of the paper tray. The customers rip then roll into balls. Then open the app to access the screen that shows soccer goal and the goalkeeper. And put the smart phones to drop at the goal line. Then we put a spiritual spin free kick in the balls to.

Mechanism of apps to use the front camera of the smartphone to capture the direction of the ball. To know the north, and to order the goalkeeper jumping to catch the ball. So a lighter or a match to it have been made height accordingly.

This concept is groundbreaking and interesting as much as the modern Apple application development. Combined with the regular paper tray, it often serves simply ironing French fries and was thrown into the garbage. Replace the part with an application. Also included on the global festival is believed to have people come in to eat it.

This is another example of the idea to bring back ideas and improvements. For various brands I want to have fun the service users of the smart phone itself, not just dip them in exchange for a discount coupon.

But unfortunately, this app is not open for use in Thailand (on iOS), but if anyone has US Account was able to try it here. Giraffas

Let’s watch the video instructions from here.