Disney shows 3D printer to create a super soft teddy bear

Future children around the world will be able to use 3D printers or 3D printer to print teddy bear soft cuddly as you like. By the end I was the godfather of the animation department at Disney Research Research innovation IT needs of your kids are cute.

3D Printer that can create a teddy bear as a contribution to the development of Disney Research ago a 3D printer to create something amazing with it’s true. But many things may be unsafe materials can not hug a child play. To unlock this Disney Research is trying to create a 3D printer that uses thread, wool or wool and other soft material for the machine can cast a robot teddy bear in a snap.



The result of this development is very satisfactory. The team found that the puppet bear soft toy can be embedded electronic systems. To add more fun to play a little more fun again.

Initially the movement was criticism that can compete with Disney to make a statement to bear at Build-A-Bear, which has been popular in the United States. The secret that makes this 3D printer is compatible with animal rights thread. Is to increase Knitting Machine Needles and needle inside makes this machine can operate both as a hybrid 3D knitting machine and printer supplies.

A crush on a creative hybrid is Scott Hudson, researchers from Carnegie Mellon University, by original teddy bear from the audience that the printer is cute and cuddly. Expected future Printed patterns for various dolls to the present. Meanwhile, it will develop an application for 3D printing children around the world will work even easier.