I bought a Domain Name,Now how can I build my own website?

Recently one of my friend emailed me that he bought a domain from Godaddy, now he doesn’t know what to do next. Obviously he bought the domain name to create a own website, but he doesn’t have any idea how to do next. I just answer his email, I thought why don’t I write a post if someone else face the same issue.

Having domain name means you’ve an unique name for your blog. It is useless unless you make your site live.

1.Get web hosting

Web hosting is the server where you can store your site’s files. And people can access your site through www via internet. Though many local company that provide web hosting packages to their customer, but I don’t recommend you to buy hosting from them. Because They have some limitations like not having live support, limited space, unfamiliar cPanel etc.

So I would suggest you to buy web hosting from a renown host providers like HostGator.

2.Connect Domain Name With Web Hosting

If you get domain name and web hosting from same place, then you can skip this step. But if you buy from different place, then you have to connect your domain name with web host.

3.Install Platform

If you point your domain name to hosting server, you’d need a platform to run your site. Though most of the host providers has different types of site builders, but those are not user friendly. If you are a newbie, I would suggest you to install WordPress on your server.

WordPress makes it insanely easy to create and run a site/blog.
Hope it helps. If you have any other question about what to do after buying a domain name, feel free to ask us via comments.

Optimizing Your Web Presence

Now you are on your way, but as you go down the road you will see that you need traffic for your website. Internet Marketing is the area to focus on and learn more, and Search Engine Optimization in particular.  If you live in California, you may want to consult with a professional Southern California SEO company to help you get your business off the ground.  Good Luck!