Top 10 Best Personalized Pens in 2016 Reviews

A personalized pen has many uses it can be the perfect gift for a loved one, celebrate a holiday, birthday, and a special event in someone’s life. However, today it also is a very powerful marketing tool that allows you to get your message to a wide number of people using word-of-mouth and personal contacts. Because as you meet people you can leave the pen, as a personal memento of the occasion and on it, can be the same information that you would ordinarily put on a business card.

Unfortunately, business cards have a tendency to be lost, torn up, and even thrown away by mistake. However, a pen is always a welcome item and will be used much more than a business card could ever hope to be. In addition, the more the pen is used the more people see your logo your company name and perhaps the name of one or more of your products and services that you have to offer. Today we are going to show you 10 different kinds of personalized pens from the individual gift pan to the seminar, tradeshow, conference give away freebie pens of which thousands are given away at these events every year.

When you have finished perusing the list of the best that Amazon has to offer you will be able to choose just the right can for the purpose you have in mind. Whether it is to be a personal gift or business memento or for a mass marketing tool, all of that is now available for your discerning eye on Amazon.

10. Unique Personalized Gift – Engraved PARKER PEN

10. Unique Personalized Gift - Engraved PARKER PEN

From Parker maker of fine pens as well as many other gift products, you can now add your personal message, the name of the person you’re giving this pen to and if you wish your company’s name and logo to make this a one-of-a-kind Memento of a meeting, sale, or as an introduction to your firm’s products and services.

You see a pen can open doors that an ordinary business card will not. Also, this fine writing instrument will not be put on a shelf or thrown into a drawer that will be used for years and during that time, many other people will admire it and asked to look at it.

This is a promotional aid they can bring years of contacts from just the one giving to someone you meet and presents it to.

9. Engraved Porcelain Gift, Personalized Pens

9. Engraved Porcelain Gift Pen

Here is a one-of-a-kind personalized gift that you give to those important people you meet in your day-to-day travels. Perfect as a going away present when a client signs a contract opening the door to future revenues.

A pen is something to use to make that first impression count when you visit a customer for the very first time so that they will remember you with fondness forever. You can have your company logo and company name as well as contact information engraved on it to make it a unique and special calling card that they will leave on their desk and others who see it will admire it and ask where it came from.

Or just a special gift to give to someone who you care about and you have their name or a personal message that you want to be delivered in a way that makes them cherish it forever.

If you have a son or daughter, who is just graduated from university or college and is going into the real world you can give them a graduation gift with an inspirational message that they will take with them for the rest of their lives.

8. Personalized Trimmed Laserable Pen with Rubber Gripper

8. Personalized Trimmed Laserable Pen with Rubber Gripper

In 5 bright metallic colors, you can have your company logo, a personal message, and the type of business you are in all with free engraving done by the manufacturer.

This gives you the perfect for a personal way of making contact with people you meet on the street.

Instead of giving them a business card which will a will put in a pocketbook, back pocket, and throw away they have a pen that looks elegant and that they will use in their day-to-day life and subtly your message will permeate their conscious and subconscious minds.

You will see a higher conversion rate of the people you meet on the street, trade shows, and conventions who turn from potential clients into full-fledged customers who purchase your services and buy your products.

7. 300 qnty Customized Silver Element Stylus Pen

7. 300 qnty Customized Silver Element Stylus Pen

At your next seminar or tradeshow, you can give out a pen with customized and personalized slogans that create a meme in a prospective client’s mind.

In this way, the name of your product or company becomes a part of their psyche and through it never forgets you.

This makes a great customer conversion tool as well, as a free giveaway on your website in exchange for an email address that helps you build your customer contact database that can support your direct mail campaigns and if handled correctly can open a door into social media advertising as well.

6. 300 qnty Customized Ion White Stylus Pen

6. 300 qnty Customized Ion White Stylus Pen

If you want your logo to get into the public eye this is the quickest way to do it merely hand a person a pen with the name of your company and its logo along with the phone number and you have the perfect calling card.

You will discover after a while they can later be found almost anywhere in a purse, backpack at school, or on someone’s desk at a large corporation.

You never know where one of your personalized pens will turn up. This is also a great way to generate client contacts and promote your products, services, and events such as seminars, political rallies, and public awareness campaigns.

5. Personalized Matte Ballpoint Pen with Gripper

5. Personalized Matte Ballpoint Pen with Gripper

If you are going to have a special event what better way to help people remember it is with a special pen personalized with the name of the event, your company’s name/logo, or further personalized with a person’s name?

Inexpensive and very simple to do this makes for a free be that can be given out during a seminar, at a sales event, and as a promotional item to go along with a sales brochure.

Companies all over the world use this method and it brings more customers as other people see the pen and ask about where it came from or what product or service the company that is on the pen has to offer.

4. Personalized Metal Ball Point Pen Black

4. Personalized Metal Ball Point Pen Black

Stylish and elegant black and silver makes a unique color combination and append that the person who receives it will remember always.

They will remember it even more if it has a special meaning which a personalized message their name or personal mantra, the slogan can help focus their mind and remind them of the important things in life.

These types of pens can also be given at seminars and award ceremonies to further enhance the message and the come right array that lasts long after the event passes into the mists of time.

3. Personalized Engraved Silver Pen and Box Set

3. Personalized Engraved Silver Pen and Box Set

With free custom engraving, the silver pen and box set allows you to engrave any message that you want as well as names, slogans, and holiday messages that you can think of.

This makes it a perfect gift for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, wedding anniversaries birthdays and a plethora of other holidays depending on your ethnic or religious beliefs. They also can be given to employees to recognize achievements or contributions in the workplace.

Getting an award however simple means a lot to a person as they are recognized for the things that they do that makes life a little better, improved working conditions or solved a tricky problem that has been a stumbling block to your business or company.

2. Classic Rosewood Ballpoint Pen

2. Classic Rosewood Ballpoint Pen

Made from real Rosewood this is a unique design for a pen what makes it even better is the fact that you can have it personalized with a name, a personal message, or your company’s name.

This makes this ideal as a customized gift, promotional, and even the souvenir to be given away at a conference, seminar, and meeting to commemorate these kinds of events.

Personalized pens are a great way to give the gift for someone you care about, an award or just to say thank you.

1. Personalized Rollerball Pen Parker IM

1. Personalized Rollerball Pen Parker IM

When you’re thinking of a personalized been a rollerball makes the perfect gift for the businessperson, student, or just to say thanks. You also get laser engraving at no extra cost with a name, logo or message of your choice. These kind of pens also make great stocking stuffers, premiums to give to your customers, and is a great way to advertise your products and services.

However, while most orders are sent out the same working day please allow 7 to 10 days for delivery.

Append is a useful writing implement which will never be replaced by a keyboard, or touchscreen of a smartphone. They are still in use today and they will be for quite some time to come as long as there are contracts and papers to sign pens will be everywhere. You can take advantage of this fact and have your name, company logo, your product and service placed on a pen and then given to a potential client or customer. They may not purchase your products or services right away however when the need occurs they will remember that on their desk is a pen that has the information with the product and service that can help them.

This makes a personalized pen not only the perfect gift but a marketing tool Par Exalance.