Top 10 Best Personalized Pencils for Students in 2016 Reviews

There is something pretty special about personalized pencils. For kids, these little treasures are a bit like magic. For adults, they are a handy way to keep track of things while playing golf or board games. For a very reasonable price, favorite colors or themes can be purchased to celebrate the best times in life. Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and awards ceremonies are just a few of the times when these colorful delights are given.

While purchases can be made with pencils that offer selected choices of names, many times a person’s name is so unusual that it will not be in stock. That is the time to contact one of the many reputable companies who do custom imprinting on pencils. Due to advances in technology, many different kinds of printing methods are available, as are a myriad of pencil patterns. The products listed in this review focus on the custom printed names rather than pre-printed names that may happen to be in stock. This opens up more opportunity for anyone needing any name added to this magical gift idea.


10. Miles Kimball Personalized Round Dinosaur Pencils

Miles Kimball Personalized Round Dinosaur Personalized Pencils for Students

The dinosaur art on this set of 12 colorful pencils will certainly catch the attention of any little dinosaur expert. With dinosaurs all the rage for generations, there is no end to the popularity of these extinct but very much studied creatures. The personalization will add that special detail on a young scientist’s collection of most loved writing tools.


9. ezpencils – Hexagon Personalized Assorted Color Pencil Set

ezpencils - Hexagon Personalized Assorted Color Pencil Set

With 12 assorted colors, this hexagon shaped pencil set showcases some of the versatility that ezpencils has. The company actually offers many more colors in various other sets, but this assortment is a bit like having a bag of mixed jelly beans. You can choose the colors you want and change to a new one every day it if suits your taste. The lead is HB No. 2 graphite encased in high quality wood. Personalization is free.


8. WalterDrake Happy Birthday Foil Pencil Assortment

WalterDrake Happy Birthday Foil Pencil Assortment

With pencil barrels the colors of the rainbow, and bright foil overlay printing, this set of 12 wishes anyone “Happy Birthday” in a very useful way. These #2 hardness pencils are standard for school use and testing purposes. The set makes a nice little gift for a birthday boy or girl.


7. WalterDrake Personalized Neon Pencils – Set Of 12

WalterDrake Personalized Neon Pencils - Set Of 12

Fanciful symbols from the solar system decorate this set of 12 neon patterned pencils. The sun and stars swirl all around the black pencil barrels, and the erasers are made in neon colors to coordinate with the pattern. They can be personalized. The pencils are No. 2 hardness, which is perfect for school use. This set would be a very nice gift for a junior astronomer.


6. 24 Colored Personalized Pencils

24 Colored Personalized Pencils

For the budding artist, this set of 24 personalized colored pencils is just right. The lead is colored to match the pencil barrels, helping students to select the one they want. There are 32 characters allowed for the free personalization, and all the letters will be printed in upper case.


5. WalterDrake Patriotic Pencils, Set of 12

WalterDrake Patriotic Pencils, Set of 12

For the most patriotic, these pencils are a wonderful addition to any celebratory day, such as the Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day or Veterans Day. They could also be appropriate for a service man or woman, or a Boy or Girl Scout. The pencils are imprinted in crisp black letters, come in a set of 12 and are useful No. 2 for school.


4. ezpencils – Set of 24 Personalized Golf Pencils in Assorted Colors

ezpencils – Set of 24 Personalized Golf Pencils in Assorted Colors

This set of 24 pencils comes in four colors including Red, Blue, Black and Yellow. They can handle 16 characters for personalization, are made of wood with No. 2 lead, and they come sharpened and ready for use. They come in handy for any occasion when you need a lot pencils that don’t take up much room. Golfing customers can use them for score keeping if the mood strikes them, or pass them along to bowling or card playing friends.


3. WalterDrake Personalized Smiley Face Pencils

WalterDrake Personalized Smiley Face Pencils

What kid doesn’t understand the universal meaning of that happy Smiley Face? The design is seen all over on stickers, erasers, notebooks and everything imaginable. But, the popularity never seems to decrease. Kids today are just as happy having them as kids were when the catchy face first made the school scene. This set of 12, high quality No. 2 pencils has the beloved face all over on pencils that are varied in color. The erasers are blue, red and yellow to coordinate with the pencils. What fun!


2. ezpencils Shadows of Blue Personalized Pencils

ezpencils Shadows of Blue Personalized Pencils

The theme of “Shadows of Blue” is realized in this set of 12 hexagon HB No. 2 pencils. The free name personalization on this popular color comes in bright white letters. Suitable for anyone whose favorite color is blue, and there are many, this is a trio comprised of Dark, Sea and Sky blue. What better gift for a budding oceanographer or pilot? Anyone who loves the sea and the sky will appreciate the colors in this collection.


1. ezpencils Personalized Silver Hexagon Pencils

ezpencils Personalized Silver Hexagon Pencils

These brilliant Silver metallic hexagon-shaped pencils are perfect for a special award, celebrating a Bar Mitzvah, New Year’s or any birthday. The shape and color together are futuristic in style. Any science fiction fan would like them, too. They are also available in metallic Gold, Neon Pink and Green, Red, Black or White. They are HB No. 2 lead, and suitable for school use and testing. The company will imprint up to 32 characters on a single line with crisp black letters. There are 12 in each package.

The pencils reviewed reflect the top sellers in the category or are so unique that they deserve a showing. For customers looking for a different color or design, they are available. Often, the same company that has a top seller in one color will have many others to choose from and will be able to complete an order very easily. The same is true for the hundreds of patterns available. Whether it be butterflies, ponies, Christmas or Halloween themes, there is a company that can imprint names on those pencils, too.