What is 4K Resolution?

OK so by now surely everyone has heard about 4K resolution, across our various screens from our smartphone displays, to our tablets and laptops, as well as our giant TVs, GoPro cameras, drones, and even virtual reality goggles. 4K is everywhere. So you may be wondering what exactly it is, since you probably just figured out what 1080p was all about. I don’t blame you, read on for a description of 4K resolution.
4k resolution

What is 4K Resolution?

The 4K resolution actually refers to the resolution standard of display device, which offers more pixels than the regular HD TV. It supports at least 4 times more pixels, so that’s why it has named 4K and is officially known as Ultra High Definition or UHD.  Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI), one of the most dominant 4K standards is defined as 4096 x 2160 pixels and this standard is widely respected by the film industry.

Due to the increased pixel breakdown, the image clarity has gone beyond the conventional 1080 pixel HD and the screen presents higher frame rates with more vibrant and realistic colors. The 4K resolution is constantly emerging in the market since mid-2013, especially in the fields of digital television and cinematography.  Some of the attractive features of 4K resolution are:

  • Higher image definition quality
  • More detailed picture
  • Better fast-action
  • Larger projection surface visibility

If you want to measure the HD resolution vertically by pixel height, 4K UHD can also be called 2160p.

4K vs 1080p

If you need to compare 4K resolution with 1080p, then obviously former will take the lead. It is practically 2160p, which means improved clarity and detailed image. Its higher resolution is the  most noticeable advantage as Ultra HD fits the 8 million pixels into the same range of space that a traditional 1080p TV crams just 2 million.

This high quality resolution is confirming that nobody will be using the 1080p televisions in next 20 years and other displays like smartphones, tablets, desktop PC monitors will become higher resolution as well.

Where to get 4K content?

The real problem is that the 4K content isn’t there, but maybe it’s getting there. Since 4K content is 4 times the pixel amount and so it refers to 4 times amount of data as well. Very little content is available on TV’s while online but still, it is the most dominant 4K product in current market.

Right now, only a handful of selective TV showsvfrom only Netflix and Amazon can be seen in 4K. Movie download services can be available as if you choose some movie and your set-top-box will download it and then you’ll be able to watch it. You can also play games on your TV by connecting your PC to it.

Should you buy 4K TV?

Ours is the time of 4K resolution and you’ll understand it in coming years. If you want a photo camera or video for improved clarity, buy the 4K camera. If you want to buy a home theater projector, then get your hands on 4K. If you’d like a computer monitor for latest games, then go for 4K.

If you want a set for watching a very vast array of entertainment options in next year or two, then you should definitely buy the high quality UHD TV screen. Even if at times you 4K content is slow, still you will at least enjoy the wide array of the top line resolution upconverting, rendering and display technologies that will surely improve the regular HD content smoothly.