10 Ways to Share Your Creativity and Get Discovered

During this long weekend. Many people have different vacation with the family. But for those who stay at home and not go out. And looking for a good book Read to afternoon coffee as she went on. Today we have a book to recommend another book of Guest Post, you as the Prince of excellence as Wong (physical) that will recommend books. “Show Your Work 10 Ways to share your story, people do”.

“Show Your Work” is a work of Austin Kleon, who had a superb performance by the “Steal Like an Artist” Top New York Times Best Seller ago and here is here to watch another of his books.

Many people have questions “I do have someone read the story. , we go “,” do you think will be the follow-up ones, “this book. It does not mention “To promote themselves (Self-Promotion) “The talks will focus on” finding yourself (Self-Invention) “And when you find yourself When you saw the show. whether you have an answer to that.

  1. Do not think we will be good! We have to be done –  no matter how smart you are. But it’s about how You have the ability toCompile and analyze how If we look back to the past. Each intelligent All the ideas of other people’s books. support each other, or that the ideas of others. Compiled and analyzed (Contribute) then become another excellent concept. areas Yom up It is important You must give credit to the body of knowledge. Or concepts you want to use it.
  2.  Told to focus Process instead of the end result – “Human being are interested in other human doing” or what we are doing.Would be very interesting if we gradually. Share Basic principles of our work away. Some of us think that ordinary mouse. beat me Might be something interesting for android. ‘s like some outline design, demo, notes, research, etc.
  3.  Share small Continuously every day – to share ongoing daily. upcoming Flow or Feed and Feedback from people who have come from us. And when we do so will see a way to build something bigger is clearly better. We call this process “So what test”.
    , but we use a Social Network Feed is present, such as Facebook, Twitter is so fast. I recommend taking our Domain Name, such as www. <Yourname>. Com so that others will find us. throughout The key is to have our own Website should not think.Tool promote themselves But to think that Own search engine
  4. Archives reveal your curiosity. – sharing other people perceive it. What is reading what you are studying something like activities. What kind of music A reflection of your taste
  5. Created by the narrative to do so. interesting – things alone when it is not. has meant nothing Until we are told the story to Thomas. was only “Human being want to know where things came from, how they were made ​​and who made ​​them.” In addition, you should train himself to do so. than most 2-3 sentences to. Take your skills to work. various freedom
  6. Teach what you have learned. – to teach what we have learned. Does not reduce the contrast. approval of our competitive The same cognitive But that does not mean the people will come out the same. But sharing knowledge Back is what will attract people. primarily interested in the same sauce together over the
  7. Human maintain their humanity is not Spam. – ignore the numbers The quality of people s attention. shown by us over If we want people to follow me. We just need to know how to be open minded. And follow-up in which we are interested. Treatment in a group of followers. ordinary people talk Congress do to create an appointment. than acquaintance
  8. Learn to fight and cope. – in the online world will inevitably come across people like and do not like us if you meet someone bad habits have taken a brake. than “If someone is delinquent in the living room. ‘s our home We did not require them to be “may be discarded or Delete Comment Block was bad then go.
  9. Find ways to make money – “We don’t make movies to make money, we make money to make more movies.” Do not sell what we love for money. But figuring out how to monetize that. increase or otherwise affect the Latin. shown by our
  10. Do not stop doing – what we did to the last one would be there. During its time Therefore, we should do continuously. surfing to create a new wave Replace the old wave throughout.

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