10 Tips to get more followers on Twitter

Twitter is a kind of social network or micro blogging founded by Jack Dorsey, Noal Glass, Evan Williams and Biz Stone in March 21, 2006. Twitter was launch in July 15, 2006. In January 2009, twitter became the third-highest-ranking social network, according to Wikipedia. The number of Twitter users has been keeping increasing. There are more than 500million registered users. However, some users find it hard to use Twitter. Why? It’s because they do not have many followers, and they feel that Twitter is boring.



Here are some tips to get more followers on Twitter:

  1. Make your profile interesting: people are going to follow you if your profile is attractive enough. The first thing twitter users look at is your profile picture. You should use your real picture because most people do not like fake profile. Photos of actors, actresses, singers or other famous people are not recommended. You should avoid use it as much as possible if you want others to follow you. However, you still can use any photos if you think you are not attractive or beautiful. Moreover, your profile should contain an interesting biology. People will look into your biology and read it before deciding to follow you. Make sure that you have a good written biology. An interesting biology and attractive profile picture will help you to gain more followers.
  2. Be active: Even though you have a good written biology and nice photo, it doesn’t mean your followers will keep increasing. If you do nothing with your account, it’s useless. You should be active. You can tweet to 3 new people every day. Start the conversation first if you want more followers. More people will get to know you via your tweets. So, you will have more opportunity to be followed. Keep interacting with others. Otherwise, they may think you do not use your account, so they will unfollow you. Be active, but do not spam! You should not post too much; it can spam others’ feeds. Tweet often at the right time-the time that most people are on Twitter.
  3. Compose interesting tweets: Do not share only what you are doing or your personal thoughts. Try to add variety of subjects which are interesting. You can share about your hobbies, interests, insightful advice or any cool photos so that people who have similar favorite will consider following you. Make your tweets funny, witty, useful and exciting to attract people’s attention. They will enjoy reading your tweets. Well, avoid using too much signs in your tweets such as “#” and “@”. Some people do not like that. Try to make your tweets worth-reading.
  4. Follow others: Do not wait until people follow you; follow them first. You can follow people who are in similar interests. Therefore, you will enjoy talking with them, which leads to a good relationship. You can also follow that person’s followers. You will get to know more people and more followers as well. Do not forget to follow back to your followers. They may consider unfollowing you if you do not follow them. “You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours”.
  5. Increase visibility: You can direct people to your Twitter account by putting “Follow me on Twitter” on your own blog, Email, Facebook, Line, Skype, Whatsapp and other social networking outlets. By doing so, people are visible to your Twitter account. Hence, they will follow you. Another way to increase visibility is to follow celebrities. Try to make those celebrities follow you back. You can tweet to them or send message. Once they tweet at you, you will be seen by many people and you are going to be followed as well.
  6. Ask others to retweet: When you have little followers, your tweets cannot be seen by many people, no matter how interesting your tweets are. Another way to gain more followers is to ask for retweet. Once other retweet, your tweets will appear on others’ feeds. After people see that, they may put you into consideration whether they should follow you or not.
  7. Unfollow: unfollowing may mean negative, but in this concept, I mean you should unfollow people who do not follow you back. Since there is a limited number of following people, you should unfollow who is not important in order to save space for worth-following people. Follow people who you think they will follow you back to get more followers.


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