Top 10 Best Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Cases and Wallet Cases Reviews

In the Old days, Images were captured on pasteboard cards and the Tarot was born. These images reflected the feelings, goals and desires of people everywhere. This practice continues today. But, we don’t use the Tarot, instead we let our smartphone reflect the images we believe in and guide our lives.

Today you will be presented with 10 cases that not only protect and are practical for business. But like the Tarot cards reflect who you are and what makes you unique in the world. Some say this fashion or sav oir faire. But in reality, it is an inner need to let the world know who we are and what we stand for.

The leather wallet case lets you do that. But more importantly it is the symbol you carry with the brand of smartphone as well which is why have included one very special case in our lineup today that lets your Note 5 take center stage in of itself to reflect who you are.

So sit back and peruse at you leisure the 10 best that Amazon has served up to protect and project the fashion and personal image you wish to convey to the world.


10. A Colorful PU Leather Wallet That reflect You With Color and A Leaf Patterned Clasp

A Colorful PU Leather Wallet That reflect You With Color and A Leaf Patterned Clasp

This case comes in effervescent colors that brighten up a room. Color can affect mood and emotions and this case shows your emotions around you can see your feelings about life.

You can mix and match with your wardrobe as well by purchasing more than one of these case so you and your Galaxy are in sync with the activities your are at whether they be work related or just for an exciting evening out on the town. Now not only can you protect you Galaxy Note 5 but it also becomes an integral part of your daily fashions and symbolizes how you feel at a given moment.


9. Note 5 Leather Flip-Cover Wallet Case

Note 5 Leather Flip-Cover Wallet Case

Here is a case that shows you have an exuberant personality typified by bright colors and shows you like to have fun.

However, there is a practical side as with your fun as in the kick stand feature of this case, which lets you enjoy videos and music. You have a practical side as shown by this case’s ability to hold cash, credit cards, and ID.

So you like your cake and you want to take big bites. But you also know nothing in life is free and this case reflects that lifestyle.


8. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Cases and Wallet case In Warm Colors

Galaxy Note 5 Wallet case In Warm Colors

Having a great case for your Note 5 is only part of the package these days. You also want to project an image and today with your smartphone, that tells people who you are, your beliefs, and what you are about.

This case project a business attitude and yet shows a warm inner core that while you can be a shrewd business person you are also fair and you also enjoy life to the fullest.

This case also caters to the business side of your as it offers places for cash/credit & ID along with a slim profile that lets it easily slip into your pocket or handbag.


7. 24/7 Leather Galaxy Note 5 Flip Cover

24/7 Leather Galaxy Note 5 Flip Cover

This wallet is trendy and chic in a variety of designer colors that set off your mood and emotions for all to see.

Your Galaxy is able to not only keep you in touch with the people that matter most.

But, as it is seen in your hand continually it become a fashion icon as well that shows your flair for fun and that you have a happy and bright inner self that you want to share with the world.


6. Premium Leather Case An All-Powerful Way To Make A Personal Statement & Image

Premium Leather Case An All-Powerful Way To Make A Personal Statement & Image

Nothing says it better than “Gold”, the symbol of wealth and power. You can now show the people around you that you follow that same principle and hold yourself to a gold standard of excellent as well.

This mean at a meeting those around you know you are serious and know how to get things going in the right direction when there is confusion and hands go up in despair your are the one who can take charge and save the day. That is the power of the Gold Standard today dependability, stability, and consistency and this case exemplifies these traits for your personal image.


5. Note 5 Wallet Case, Luxury PU Leather Case

Note 5 Wallet Case, Luxury PU Leather Case

This case attracts the eyes with its mesmerizing patterns and makes a bold fashion statement in a world of monotone smartphone colors and cases. This Phone adds pizzazz to yours and makes it and you stand out in the crowd and reflects your individuality and style.

It also provides you with protection for your Note 5 and lets you take care of business as well with cash, credit, and ID. Here is an all in one package with fashion, fun, individuality, and practicality all rolled into one case just for you.


4. Premium Leather Case

Premium Leather Case

Perfect for either business or pleasure your Note 5 is protected from falls and scratches and it hold everything you need to use in your day to work and day-to-day affrays.

At home with whatever you wear it goes with everything well. Your Galaxy is then easily able to answer calls with just a flick of a finger to release the snap and you are taking that important call or text message.

Watching videos is easy too as it has a flip stand for your viewing pleasure as well.


3. NuNu Modish & Stylish Flip-Folio Wallet Case

NuNu Modish & Stylish Flip-Folio Wallet Case

Here you have a case that shows you have a fashion sense and a yet feel for what the world is all about. In a warm brown color, you exhibit earth tones that says, you are in tune with the world, but with a practical side as well.

This case has all the amenities you would expect with ID pocket, cash, and credit all neatly organized for you quick access.

The Galaxy itself is easily accessible as well with all buttons unobstructed and simple to get at.


2. Premium PU Leather Flip-Cover Wallet Case

Premium PU Leather Flip-Cover Wallet Case

If you want to be elegant and yet project power the only way to do it is in “Black”. Long a symbol of power throughout history and the world you now can project an image that says you are someone with even your smartphone and this case for your Note 5 does just that.

Sleek and holds money, your ID, and your credit card this is the case that exudes an aura of energy and power as well as protects your galaxy from harm.


1. OBLIQ Naked Shield Thin Slim Fit Fashion/Protective Case

OBLIQ - Naked Shield - Thin Slim Fit Fashion/Protective Case

If, however, you want to display the beauty that the Note 5 has Au Naturale then you want an invisible case. This case is one of the best as it lets the style and elegance of your Galaxy show through and yet is one of the strongest cases on the market to date.

This case provides all-encompassing protection so your Note 5 can withstand impact damage from virtually any angle. It also has a sporty kickstand feature that allows you hands-free to watch videos and listen to you favorite tunes.

Lastly the case is designed very specifically to intensify the image of your Note 5, so that anyone who sees it will wouldn’t mistake it for anything else and thus your Galaxy not only is protected, but it becomes the ultimate in fashion symbols as well.

Some Parting words

The Note 5 is the apex of fashion and technology today. Whether you know it or not the type of smartphone you use has become not only a fashion icon but a personal reflection of your beliefs as well.

The Note 5 show you are someone who doesn’t follow conventional wisdom as those who buy a smartphone from a company represented by a fruit. Instead, you have a Galaxy of ideas, goals, and feelings. That the very name of the smartphone you’ve purchased signifies.

Now your case that you carry it in only amplifies and enhances this.

So you see you really can judge a smartphone person by their cover.