Top 10 Best Manga Websites to Read Manga Online Free in 2017

You might be one of those people who go on the internet and surf all the best manga websites to read your favorite Manga online. On the other hand, you might be left wondering what is Manga anyway? Read on to learn more about Manga and what are the best maga websites out there.

So, here are the Top 10 best manga sites where you can read your favorite manga stories online for free! Most sites do not require registration and no password either. Check out the list for 2016 and 2015 further down below.

Top 10 Best Manga Websites to Read manga Online Free


best manga websites sites for reading manga


Don’t get dizzy when you go over the huge list of manga stories here at Mangafreak! Yes, you’ll definitely freak out from their collection of manga stories. You can spend all your minutes reading all the stories for free but they are not downloadable. Just as what their site says, the stories are always updated. This site is the number 10 best manga websites to read manga free.


MANGAVOLUME.COM best manga websites top sites


Manga Volume is another reliable source of manga series. They’ve got lists of the latest, the most views, the top rated and the longest manga series. They may not have as much as the other manga websites, with over 1000 manga series, you can definitely enjoy reading every story and you may have your new favorite manga story too! This site is the number 9 best manga sites to read manga series online free.


MANGABLE.COM best manga websites


Can’t get enough of free manga websites? We still have a lot of sites to go through! On the 8th list is The website offers 4,859 manga stories that are absolutely free! Yes, you’ve read it right again. They are all completely free! The good thing about the site is it is detailed on when the last manga series was updated. So, you’ll see which ones are the latest and which are not. They’ve got the most popular series, the top rated, the completed and the ones with the most chapters. You can also find your favorite manga stories from A to Z. This site is the number 8 best manga websites to read manga online free.


MANGAPARK.ME best manga websites


MangaPark has over 30,000 likes on their Facebook page which makes it another reliable source to read manga series. If you want more stories, MangaPark has over 20,000 manga series! How cool is that? A day won’t be enough to go over this huge collection of manga series. The site is also very detailed and you can tell when the story was updated. Most of the updates are also shown that day and just minutes ago. Try visiting this site! This site is the number 7 favorite manga websites to read manga free online.


KISSMANGA.COM best manga websites


If you cannot find the manga story you’re looking for, then maybe you could try Kissmanga. The site also has a huge collection of manga series you could search for. The site’s interface looks neat and organized so that you can navigate each list easily and quickly. When something goes wrong with their service or with the manga you’re reading, you can go through their service button to report whatever errors there are. If you still can’t find what manga you want, you can actually inform them and send them a request for the manga you’re looking for. With this kind of service, they sure do want their readers to enjoy reading without any hassle. This site is the number 6 best manga websites to read manga online free.


MANGAPANDA.COM best manga websites


On the 5th spot is Mangapanda. The site also offers thousands, yes thousands, of manga scans to read online. Just like the previous sites on our list, Mangapanda’s manga series are also free. This site is the number 5 best manga online site to read manga for free.



MANGAREADER.NET best manga websites


Mangareader is also another reliable source to read the most popular manga series today. If you check the site, you might think that you’re still in Mangapanda, but not! They do look so much the same because of the interface, however, they both offer free and quality manga stories. And for a true manga reader, there’s nothing much better but free manga stories online! This site is the number 4 best manga websites to read manga online free.


MANGASTREAM.COM best manga websites


Mangastream takes the 3rd spot on our list! Mangastream features clear scans of your favorite manga series so you could definitely enjoy reading them. They bring high-quality manga series! They are also updated and for translation issues, they always inform their readers if there are any rectifications or updates. This site is the number 3 best ranked manga websites to read manga for free online.


MANGAHERE.CO best manga websites


Your favorite manga stories are definitely here at Mangahere. The website has over 10,000 manga series that are absolutely free! They indulge all the manga readers with their updated and latest manga series. Just what the site announces, they will be releasing Naruto 701, One Piece 826, Bleach 673, Fairy Tail 484 and Hunter X Hunter 353 real soon! Their Facebook page even has over 670,000 likes which tells how reliable the site is. Check this website out and keep yourself updated! This site is the number 2 best websites to read manga online free.

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MANGAFOX.ME best manga websites


Mangafox is one of the first ever websites to offer free manga series online. With over 3 million likes on their Facebook page, no doubt it is the most popular manga website until today. They’ve got a huge list of manga series of all genres – drama, fantasy, action, adventure, comedy, school life and a lot more! You can also interact with your co-manga readers through their forums and gain friends of your same interests. Visit the website and find your favorite manga! This site is the number 1 best manga websites to read manga online free.

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What is Manga?

Manga is a term used for comics that are created and published in Japan. Manga literally means “comic and cartooning” which obviously defines what these publications are. However, Manga is not only popular in Japan. It has actually gone worldwide since the 1950s.

Manga publications have reached even the farthest countries across the globe – US, Canada, Europe, Middle East and of course, many other Asian countries. These readers have become fond of reading these creative manga stories and have become collectors of Manga magazines of different volumes. Avid fans just read chapter after chapter, and some enjoy it more than watching a movie.

What if you don’t have enough budget to collect all your favorite Manga magazines from your long manga list? You would probably end up searching the internet. Some of the websites we’ve known before were, unfortunately, shut down. But the good news is, there are still websites for you and we’ve updated this list for you!

Top 10 Best Manga Websites to Read Manga Online Free in 2015

If you like to read manga online free, here’s ten manga websites which we consider to be the best manga websites for 2016 where you will surely find some great entertaining manga.


1.  2015 Best Manga Websites

This website allows you to read thousands of manga online. As we know that manga is Japanese comic, but you can read those stories in English in this website. It contains various subjects of genre, and you can view popular manga or the latest updated manga. Besides reading online, you can also download them. Search for your favorite manga, and enjoy your reading!

2. 2015 Best Manga Websites

Some people prefer this website due to its well-organized layout and interface. In each manga, its backgrounds such as author, genre, artist and released year are given. It also provides the description of each manga, so you will find it easier in understanding the story. If you don’t know which manga you should read, you can go into Manga Directory and see the rating stars of each manga, and you will see how popular they are. View the most popular one or read the latest one; you may not be disappointed!

3.  2015 Best Manga Websites

Another nice website about manga is “onemanga”. If you can’t find your wanted manga in two websites above, try this one! With a nice interface, you will enjoy your reading on this website. Unlike the two websites above, this manga website contains many categories such as action, romance, comedy and so on. This makes you easy in finding your favorite manga through your favorite category. You can also read the latest manga, the most popular manga or alphabetic-order manga.

4.  2015 Best Manga Websites

It consists of a lot of categories such as adventure, fantasy, horror, Josei, Manhua and many more. Besides choosing manga from your favorite categories, you can also search for your favorite author or description. In each manga, some information is given such as its chapters, its pages and its genre with brief review.

5.  2015 Best Manga Websites

It is similar to all the websites mentioned above. Boxmanga is classified into main several categories, and each category has more parts. What’s special about this site is that you can see some mangas which are being read. Thus, if you don’t know what to read, you can read the manga that many people are reading

6.  2015 Best Manga Websites

“A huge collection of manga!” is their motto. “Mangable” seems to be an awesome website about manga. Its design is very nice, and you can read manga easily. Besides, Mangable allows you to register as their member so that you can receive some benefits such as keeping track of your favorite manga, categorizing your manga and receiving alert if there are new chapters you might have not read.

7.  2015 Best Manga Websites

It seems to be very popular since it has gotten more than 101k likes in Facebook. “Mangapanda” is not much different from other manga websites. It has a lot of genres for you to choose such as Ecchi, Mecha, romance, horror, Yaoi, Shounen, Yuri, mystery, magic and many other popular mangas. . It contains a huge collection of free English-translated manga.

8.  2015 Best Manga Websites

This website has been liked by more than 615k Facebook users, showing that it is a popular website among all the websites about manga. Some people may find this website complicated, but the manga is worth-reading! New mangas are being updated every day. Explore your favorite manga there!

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9.  2015 Best Manga Websites

Its design and its layout are very nice. There are some criteria such as the latest updated manga, the most view manga, the original manga, the longest manga, the top rated manga and the completed manga. In each manga, the number of views and the rated stars are shown so that you can see how popular they are. It can make you decide easily which manga you should read if you have never read manga before.

10.  2015 Best Manga Websites

Its organization seems to be a little bit complex. However, it differs from all the websites mention above as there is not only manga but also anime. Besides reading manga, you can also watch anime opened in a new tab. You can choose to read manga or watch anime online or download them.


What is Manga?

In conclusion, manga is a kind of entertainment which was initially found in Japan. Manga is Japanese comic which can kill your time and make you enjoy your free time happily. Manga generally refers to the comic which originated in Japan.

Manga has developed into a range of genres such as romance, horror, comedy, mystery, science fiction and so on. Not only is Manga very popular in Japan but also Manga has gained many audiences worldwide.

It is a successful industry in many other countries such as USA, Canada and other countries in Europe and the Middle East. Nowadays, to read Manga, people can just go online and read thousands of stories easily. So here are the top 10 Manga Websites so you can read manga online.  Explore your favorite manga in the top websites above!

  • asdf

    You missed the best feature for kissmanga. They have an option that allows you to view all pages at once so all you have to do is scroll down, instead of clicking page by page, though that option is also there if you prefer.

  • lolipedofin

    Kissmanga is hands down the best in this list. extensive library and display all pages, plus kissanime.

    Other alternatives for display all pages type is mangapark.

  • Silverdragon78

    I actually wanted to say that is one of my favorite sites to read manga online. also and from what I have found the only way I have been able to access mangafox is by using hmm.. another good site is
    I know how hard it is to find decent sites without all the added advertisments so I recommend those sites to anyone who loves manga and wants to read all the newly translated manga.. 🙂

  • Exotypical

    Are they in order? I’ve not tried some of these but from the ones I have tried, kiss manga seems to be the best one 😡

  • Is there any services that have reliable complete list of manga updates? I want to make a notification service but I just couldn’t find any site/services that provides list of newly updated manga.

    Hi @Izayoii:disqus, sorry but did you know any site that provides that by any chance? Thanks.

  • Exotype
    Dont know if this is exactly what you are looking for, but its worth checking out. Ill be sure to let you know if i find anything better

  • Sidi Eneru

    Me I read shonen manga here :
    Because it’s fast !

  • I’m thinking of just make one by myself haha

  • Hong Jack

    Me I read shonen manga here :
    Because it’s fast !

  • Brandon De Olivera

    any manga websites with full pages(scrolling) and dark backround like kissmanga?

  • The Lucky Bastard

    maybe try
    full pages chapter and no popup ads

  • The Lucky Bastard have it when you bookmark manga you will get notification when new chapter realease

  • The Lucky Bastard

    add in the list
    -full page scroll chapter
    -easy to manage bookmark list
    -get notification in your boormark manga when new chapter release
    -no popup ads
    popup ads redirect you to other link and usually it go to auto download page
    worst case you will download viruses if your using desktop you can use adblock
    but when it come to mobile it hard to find a solution so it better to be safe than sorry